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    I applied but didn't get in. Shame, as I was going to ask the panel why I hadn't received my season ticket yet

  • Ha, ha ha brilliant!

  • No doubt in a free and independent Scotland Wycombe season tickets would be free paid for by getting rid of Trident.

  • I will be tweeting in to the show about the following.
    Louise Haigh MP, Ian Lavery MP (Chair of the Trade Union Group) and 60 other Labour MPs have joined with the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign to ask for an urgent meeting with the Home Secretary following the decision of the IPCC not to investigate serious criminal allegations made against South Yorkshire Police in the events surrounding Orgreave in June 1984.

    The letter calls for a full public inquiry and asks the Home Secretary to meet with the campaign group and a delegation of Labour MPs to discuss the next steps forward for the campaign for justice, following the disappointing decision of the IPCC.

  • Steveie Craig is Scottish, does Salmond think Gaz should have kept him on, although by the looks of it its been a while since Alex played.

  • I think that's more than 140 characters @M3G

  • Former Gasroom regular Che was on camera a lot. Didn't see him ask a question though, but I did miss the first half hour or so.

  • I'm not usually guided by comment articles in the Times and I worked at one time alongside somebody whose efforts in the miners strike supporting the provision of food to the families of those on strike contributed to her subsequent election to Westminster. But if you investigate Orgreave, you might also want to investigate some of the criminal actions of miners, and the possible complicity of Labour members in covering up after the death of David Wilkie. It may only be a small number who behaved thuggishly or in the specific case murderously, but those issues are also worthy of investigation.

  • But the killers of David Wilkie were investigated, charged, convicted and imprisoned.

    Besides which, there is a clear difference between crimes committed by the police and by others. The police are there to uphold the law. If the police are themselves the criminals, who can you then turn to? Police corruption and criminality is one of the most serious crimes.

  • The Times article makes specific allegations of a cover-up of involvement of other parties. I entirely accept your point about point about potential police corruption, but there may be other issues to investigate. The establishment of the truth doesn't have to be a partisan left or right issue. If there are allegations out there they should be investigated.

  • I agree that it shouldn't be partisan. I think there is a need for a very strong case for public interest when looking at things that were so long ago and have already been investigated. I think Orgreave has that because of the allegations of police cover-up and corruption, where as other incidents may not.

  • I think the miners strike was a blessing in disguise....for at least one summer there were no old bill in Wycombe, good JHS v Grammar scrap in the town centre on last day of school and no pesky coppers to interfere.......

    ....don't get to excited chaps, tongue in cheek trying to lighten the mood....

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