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Man of the Match - Bolton (A)


  1. MOTM?59 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. McCarthy
    3. Low
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Leahy
    6. Potts
    7. Butcher
    8. Taylor
    9. Campbell
    10. Sadlier
    11. Lubala
    12. Vokes (sub)
    13. McCleary (sub)
    14. Kone (sub)
    15. Wheeler (sub)
    16. Lonwijk (sub)


  • Potts, Butcher, Low or Tafazolli.

    Went with Butcher. His bite was vital to our approach out of possession.

  • Fair shout @frequentstander though I did think Taylor put another decent shift in and created a couple of decent chances. Liked the look of young Lonwijk when he came on too.

    In the end I went for Potts who I felt was at the heart of everything good we did.

  • Yep agreed on Lonwijk. Looks a good player, even if a bit rigid on the ball. His physical attributes will more than make up for his on-ball ability. Potts is a cut above and belongs in a division above at least. Taylor put in a good shift but I thought he put in a few naive fouls which could have cost us. One of which was right on the edge of the box. That mazy run was fantastic though. He’s definitely improved his performances in recent weeks.

  • Freddie Potts for me

  • Taffazoli tonight. Potts also v good.

  • edited February 13

    Has to be Potts. He controlled the midfield. Was calm on the ball, creative and defensively solid throughout.

  • I went Potts. He would find wide open space in a fissure.

  • And Potts storms first past the post.

    Are we not allowed to play two loan players from the same club at the same time??

    Frustrating not to have a sight of a player who excelled in the BSM Trophy match.

  • Kodua may yet get his chance if injuries kick in later in the season, but yeah, I don't think I'd be too impressed if I were West Ham, that the lad's not even getting in the matchday squad.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd rather our players are preferred to feature in the squad if they're genuinely the best option, but I don't think it's helping the player's development either if all he gets to do is to train with us.

    I'd like to see him get a shot in the squad ahead of, say, Campbell - who I don't dislike as much as some on here seem to, but certainly doesn't feel like a standout player to me.

  • I don't understand why people are getting so worked up about Kodua not appearing yet.

    Firstly he might be injured and secondly we can only have 5 loanees in a match day squad anyway.

    That's before we even begin to consider why West Ham decided to loan him to us in the first place.

    Maybe they thought Potts could do with having someone around who was familiar face. Maybe they are so impressed with his progress that they thought Kodua could benefit by training with a first team squad all the time. Maybe they recognised that going to Wycombe, then if he performed in training he would have a realistic chance of getting into the match day squad - that wouldn't necessarily happen at West Ham. Maybe keeping Potts on loan was conditional on us agreeing to take Kodua, for the experience, as well.

    So many factors that those assuming we made a mistake by agreeing to loan just don't know.

  • Thankfully, our brilliant development of Potts should keep us in West Ham's good graces. I would like to see Kodua too, though.

  • I’ve seen no evidence that anyone is getting “so worked up” about Kodua not appearing yet but it is unusual for a player not to have crossed the white line five weeks after signing.

    Not worked up. Understandably disappointed probably covers it.

  • He came on against Wigan

  • Has it been five weeks since he signed? My life is slipping away.

  • If Taylor has scored one of the two or three excellent chances he created for himself he’d have run away with this.

  • Someone remind me how long it was, after he signed, before Kieran Sadlier started a game?

  • I'll substitute perplexed then for "so worked up".

  • He signed on 4 September and started in the number 10 position behind Taylor and De Barr a fortnight later against Crystal Palace U21.

  • The third minute of added time, so he played for a good 17 minutes

  • So basically he’s been a ship in the night and, for anyone who didn’t see the Wigan game, a no show.

    I think that’s why people are slightly perplexed.

    No comment on Sadlier’s more or less instant selection. And what a great signing he has been.

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