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Just watched a great documentary on Amazon which will possibly interest @Forest_Blue and @Wendoverman, maybe @drcongo and many WWFC fans.

It's called Local Heros particularly focused on Viv Anderson, Gary Birtles and Tony Woodcock, plus featuring often interviewed Martin O'Neil. Really brought back some memories for me plus some sadness. Don't want to add too much as it might be a bit of a spoiler. Enjoy watching if you haven't already.


  • I will definitely have a delve. Viv is a gent. The days when a team was mainly locals with a few Scots and Irish thrown in! 😊

  • What's the documentary about Forest's European Cup-winning years? That's brilliant too.

  • edited February 13

    I believe in Miracles,

    Directed by Jonny Owen, partner of local actress Vicky McClure (although she is a 'Pies fan I believe.)

    Written by Daniel of a great book called 'Deep In The Forest'

    He also writes for The Guardian. A warning for some of our anti-spart posters.

  • Ahh, I didn't realise Taylor was behind it. Yeah, I enjoyed that one.

  • Speaking of documentaries, the third series of ‘Sunderland till I Die’ is on Netflix. It’s a three parter and Luke O’Nein features heavily in episode one. Episode two and the Black Cats have scraped through to Wembley, episode three will be all about the play off final - haven’t had the the stamina to watch it yet😬

  • Great film and soundtrack. My wife’s a Nottingham lass, has no interest in football at all but loved it.

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