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Blue Cards & Sinbins (next season?)

From reports online, the FA are going to announce the use of Blue cards for dissent and cynical fouls to be trialled in the Men's & Women's FA Cups from next season. Players who are shown a blue card will be sin binned for 10 minutes. If they then get booked after that, they will be shown a red and dismissed from the field of play.

What do you guys think?



  • Much the same thoughts as when you asked the question in "other football" tbh!

    Good idea

    Bad choice of colour though.

  • Sorry, I've removed those now @DevC

  • Poor refs. They struggle enough as it is! Might as well run the full gamut:

    Orange card: "You've been a very naughty boy/girl. But not THAT naughty".

    Pink card: Time wasting.

    Purple card: Deliberate handball.

    Grey card: Boring play.

    Green card: The little tussle when a team scores a late goal and fights with the goalie over the ball in the back of the net.

  • As I said on the other thread, already dine in lower level organised leagues. Not a panacea but worked a bit. Do it.

  • If it is used to stop players from haranguing the officials, that will be a considerable improvement. In hockey, a word is out of place, and you are off on a green card for two minutes, and it works. Do it again and it is longer on a yellow.

  • Dreadful idea something else for the VAR bin.

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    Seems pointless to me. Dissent is already a yellow - get refs to properly enforce that. And I don't understand why there's any need to bring in an extra card for 'cynical fouls' - they're already punished accordingly.

  • Football is a masterpiece surrounded by kids on a sugar rush armed with crayons .

  • The last thing football needs right now is even more ambiguity for referees to deal with

  • I don't get the sin bin plus jeopardy concept. The issue is that refs are too reticent to issue yellows in the first place, how is a yellow+10mins in the bin card going to make refs feel more empowered to sanction persistent but low-level offending? If it were just a 10mins on your bum and back on the field, that would be a far more useful tool.

  • I suppose we could use an Oxford and Cambridge blue card

  • I just think anything that gives more scope for controversy is not worth it.

    "That was never a red card!"

    "That was never a yellow card!"

    will now be joined by:

    "That was never a blue card!"

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    Will it be 10 mins of ‘playing time’, or if Max goes down with another mystery leg injury, can he shave 5 mins off the sin bin time for the team? And if the former, will it come up on the board (10 mins + “a minimum of” 3)? And can it be called something less irritating than a “sin bin”?

  • Presumably the thought behind this is to stop VAR being the worst thing about football.

  • I’d be in favour of this if the rule was that any player on a team commits said indiscretions and their keeper goes in the sin bin.

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    I watched a Combined Counties League match (Reading City v Virginia Water) where this was being trialled, where the referee sent a player to the sin bin late on for dissent. The worst thing about it was that me and the rest of the people around me had absolutely no idea what was going on (the hot weather had made sampling the beer in the clubhouse too tempting so maybe that was no surprise) as the player was seemingly sent off without a card being shown. It took someone's ingenuity to look up on their phone whether a sinbin was being trialled.

    In theory it's not a bad idea, but as with anything in football the inconsistent/uncompromising/the refs are biased against my team implementation of it will mean it's a failure.

  • I'd love to see a sin bin for deliberate fouls that prevent a breakaway attack.

    The fact that players will often 'take a booking' to stop an attack tells you that the current punishment isn't sufficient.

  • The misdemeanour arena? The bad pad? The shame hame (Scots leagues only)?

  • A shame we’ll be forced to wear our change strip in all FA Cup games next season, so we don’t clash with the card.

  • Dreadful idea. Dissent is something I would like to see stamped out for sure, but this is not the way. I quite like the idea of mic'ing up the ref - not for the public but for discipline reasons. Retrospective bans for players who you know do this sh1t week in week out.

  • I've had a similar experience, watching WWFC Women and step 6 men's football, where a player was sin-binned but no card shown, so spectators didn't know what was happening. Is blue card the same as amber card, which we keep hearing about?

  • @our_frank I like "Misdemeanour Arena" simply for the nod to two 80s albums in the one phrase.

  • I hope it doesn't become like Rugby's where they just jump onto an exercise bike. Make it like Ice Hockey when they have to sit on a naughty seat in a cage without being able to talk to anyone, that would make sense

  • I think the referee's should be mic'ed up. There are a lot of things wrong with Rugby and @bargepole will write an essay to explain why I'm wrong and sue me but there is one thing that they do well and that's the way that referees make everything clear to their decision making. Yes, their game is slower / more stop/start but everyone knows what has been seen and why a decision has been made.

    If the ref's are mic'ed up, the players' language will improve because every curse word will either be bleeped or aired and their sponsors will be aware. After the first week of this happening, sponsors will prob leave some of the worse candidates and hit them where it hurts, their wallet!

  • That is odd. In games where sinbinning was used that I have seen, a card was shown. I agree its a bit confusing because new and still fairly rare and the amber card they used was not distinguishable for supports (well certainly old farts like me). Overall though the level of dissent especially the group crowding of referees was noticeably lower and the game better as a result.

  • And yet only this week we had pundits trying to argue it was wrong for Rebecca Welch to send off Billing when his attempted ankle tap resulted in him raking his studs down the back of the Forest player's legs. It's so ingrained in players minds that it's a sound tactical move that they couldn't see it for what it was, a reckless tackle which endangered the player.

    That said, there have been quite a few games I've watched where Josh Scowen would have played less minutes if it was always a red card!

  • It should certainly be a red if it stops a clean break - I think it's viewed more leniently as it often happens a long way from goal

  • There are a lot of things wrong with Rugby and @bargepole 

    Testify brother.

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