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Samaritans Score Prediction - Peterborough (h) Bolton (A)

A win! A win! Rejoice.

Correct score predictions and a bumper nine point haul for @MindlessDrugHoover @Alexo @bargepole and with his first of the season @railwaysteve . Only five virgins remaining still awaiting their first correct score. Good luck next week to those.

At the top, gaps starting to develop as @mooneyman stretches his lead to seven with a further five point gap to third placed @thedieharder . Those in the pack may need to start their runs now. At the bottom spare a thought for @Chris , first correct result in thirteen and a correct two goal away win to boot and still dropped a place. Harsh.

On next week to, coincidentally, prequels against our two likely upcoming Wembley opponents - Peterborough (new long distance pantomime rivals after the new love in with Plymouth?) in the LDV and Bolton in the league playoffs. Predictions here please.



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