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Luke O'nien

Now played 250 games for Sunderland.

Seems like only yesterday he was here

Personally one of my favourite ever Wycombe players. Not normally fussed when players leave us, but it felt genuinely odd when he played against us for Sunderland.

Could do with his attitude today


  • My favourite-ever Wycombe player. Would love to see him back in the twilight of his career - could easily be the next Danny Bulman.

  • He had a Robbie Savage type of playing style where he would always give his all and never gave up while standing on that fine line of getting in trouble with the referee. I agree, he would be perfect to have in and around the team now

  • His partner's family used to live in Burnham, so a move back to a local club surely isn't beyond the realms of possibilities.

  • I always felt his off the field persona defied what he was like as a player.

    Remember seeing him in the vere suite in the early days and he looked like a boy wearing his fathers suit to the school dance, I couldn't believe how fresh faced he looked BUT when he played he was always in the thick of the action and never hid.

    He was one of Ainsworth's go-to players, very much in the image of the manager.

    I think Sunderland are missing a bit of the fun that we had because they have him at centre half. It was always entertaining having him in central midfield picking up first / second balls and winding everyone up.

    One of those players who, to his credit, will squeeze every bit out of his career due to his work ethic and attitude.

  • We were so close to re-signing him at one point too…

  • He’s a lovely lad. I apologise for repeating the story of how he and another player (goalkeeper, can’t remember which one) tried to gatecrash a 50+ session at Handy Cross Sports Centre to play table tennis.

    I mentioned that incident to him not long afterwards when having a chat in the Woodland Lounge. He challenged me to a game. I was still playing with and against local league players at the time but, when he mentioned that he had a table at home, I politely declined.

  • He was criticised by part of the fanbase for a long time for his 'Wycombe style' ****housery and they often said they wanted to get rid (love the guy but time to go) so I admire his longevity there.

  • He is a super player and a lovely guy. I would certainly welcome him back in the future if he ever wanted to return to AP.

  • Great player, have him back in a heart beat… well done Luke.

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