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A positive thought

I posted this on Facebook, and thought I would put it here too. Feel free to ignore if it seems a little silly, but with things at such a low ebb, you never know what impact a kind gesture can have.

For anyone who does not mind a bit of old fashioned writing (with actual pen and paper!) how about picking a player (or Blooms) and writing a letter of encouragement to them? We are all frustrated, and the poor performances and subsequent booing creates a kind of natural cycle of negativity. The players must be even lower than we feel. Imagine if a few hundred Wycombe fans each picked a player and a deluge of letters poured in to the club? Social media tweets are all very nice, but for Blooms or the players to know the fans took the time to write actual letters and send them in would be quite touching. Fans of almost any other club would do nothing but complain right now (and I have done my fair share). But how amazing would it be for us, as a fanbase, to look at the dire situation we are in and respond by picking the players up? Football is such a psychological sport, and you never know what impact a bit of love can have on someone.

I plan to do this either way, but would love some company!


  • It's not that dire really lad.

    My missus bought me a quill pen recently which is good to write with though.

  • Hope you have efficient washing machines in Colorado.

  • LX1LX1
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    That post is rather embarrassing @Shev

    Seriously..have a smoke and do some yoga lad

  • Go Cows!

  • It may be just because I am in a different country, so the usual helplessness of a fan feels even worse. But that being said...I'm not sorry at all. If the only kindness you have available to you is a small kindness, do it anyway.

  • Not a bad idea Michael, writing such a letter can help assuage the grief of the author as much as the recipient

  • I doubt very much the players feel even lower than us. We've all been here for years, and will be after they've left, as its our club. They are all probably earning much more money than all of us, but we have to pay for the privilege, and in a few months time or a year or two they can just go off to another club and start again.

  • While it's true that a few players may be able to shrug off the kind of criticism they received yesterday, for that's what booing them amounts to, I think it's wrong to suggest that they won't be feeling down.

    The GMac interview isn't the first time I've heard him say that the mood in the ground really does get to the players. It's probably true, and understandable, that the tense atmosphere before the game didn't help the performance on the pitch.

    However, I'm not sure they should have expected it to be very different and failing to plan for that is another sign of the inexperience of Matt's management team. It ought to have been obvious that the crowd would be full of nerves and that we needed to make a quick start to impose ourselves on the game. That phase lasted for about less than 10 minutes and we'd already become our passive, sloppy selves well before the first goal.

    I'd argue it's time for the players and management team to step up and give us, the fans, something to be cheer about. That's been sadly lacking this season.

  • Dear Richard,

    You are skill and I love you.

    Yours, Kim (Your special K)

    xxxxxoxxxxoxxxxxxoxxxxx (The o's are hugs)

  • As the Adams Park crowd has witnessed only one home win in the league since 30th September, and their team is dropping down the table like a stone, it can hardly have been a surprise to the players that going 2-0 down to the bottom team would spark a negative reaction.

    The slump has gone on for too long. Something needs to change. Only Fleetwood, Carlisle and Cheltenham have won fewer league games than Wycombe this season, and if the form of the last 17 games doesn't stop, a place in the bottom four beckons.

  • If yesterday doesn't lead to a change nothing will.

    It's hard to see us getting the twenty points we need from our final 18 games.

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    Honestly, I'm feeling pretty low about it all this morning. I think we're going down. Everyone thought that Fleetwood were the one team we'd definitely beat, and they played us off the park with 11 men.

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    I don't think we'll need 20, but I'm far from convinced we'll even get 15 at this stage.

  • There's an old poker saying "You look around the table to see who the sucker is, and if you can't see one then it's you"

    I think yesterday was the moment I realised we are the suckers.

  • When you're losing hope, when you were the biggest ever fan of Bloomfield as a player and generally are probably right up there on the scale of what @flymofrank once hilariously termed "nauseatingly positive"....

    we are in a pickle.

  • Just calling it as I see it. Blooms has been a tremendous servant to our great club. He’s clearly not capable of managing in L1. These two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • That first half display yesterday was the tipping point for me. MB may still make it as a manager but it is pretty hard to see at the moment.

    its a long, long way back from where we are now. Relegation looks (to me) more likely than not.

  • Sorry @shev. Went off the rails a bit last night xx

  • Did you succeed in obliterating that first half from your memory? If so, the right choice..

  • @LX1 post midnight posts are always enigmatic. Bit like the cryptic crossword frustrating yet entertaining

  • Exactly GMac is a great player but he was wrong to look at the supporters we’re just reacting to what we see on the field there’s no campaign against MB, I imagine some other clubs fans would be far more vociferous after that first half.

    @Shev more power to your elbow we need a little more positivity at the moment.

  • I'll raise your frustrating yet entertaining ...

  • Just get behind the team and turn up on Wednesday night for the Brighton game 👍👍👍

  • Football is the opposite of normal commerce. If a business does badly then it is often the employees who get the sack, not the managers. In football the managers go not the players. I suppose

  • I suppose that is partly because players are bought and sold like assets.

    Surely there is another way, giving the manager some help, such as a mentor. After all, it is not often that a new manager is successful beyond the short term. If one manager can't get a group of players playing well then why should another, players need to be changed.

    The second half yesterday shows that this group of players can succeed. The half time talk was obviously good. Patience and support of the team is what we as fans can do to help. Booing is usually counter productive, it must deflate players, not what we all want.

    Perhaps the above is a bit simplistic, but hopefully a more positive take on things.

  • Absolutely, I've got my ticket and will be there in the Origin stand, just behind the home dugout.

    And I don't care if GMac or anyone else tells me to eff off, I remain hopeful that this squad can produce the goods.

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