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Tjay De Barr GONE - Signed for Lincoln Red Imps in Gibraltar

Announced by Lincoln Red Imps just now, no word yet from Wycombe. Don't know if loan or permanent.



  • Probably a good move for the lad.

  • Well that is truly bizarre. I thought he was injured. Perhaps just fallen out of favour. Perhaps homesick (but doubt it?). Certainly not a good look

  • Was never given a decent run of games. Thought there was a player there.

  • Surely with his prolonged absence TJ was the goal threat we've been missing?

  • Not sure TJay has ever really proven himself to be the required level, and is also far too regularly injured. It's a shame, but probably a good move for all parties.

  • He was about as threatening as everyone else. I hope it works well for him, I didn’t think was league 1 standard, certainly not as a starting player but he had enthusiasm and heart and I hope he goes on to a satisfying career.

  • Confirmed permanent deal now. Seemed happy but definitely wanted more game time which he wasn't getting. Bloomfield bringing in more new players in his position was probably the writing on the wall. Great wortk ethic and was always a popular figure among fans so sad to see him go but hopefully he can have a career revival with Lincoln where he'll be lining up next to ex-Barcelona hotshot and one of 2017's best youngsters in the world, Kun Temenuzhkov.

  • Had a run end of last season of 8 or 9 games. Didn’t do anything.

  • A return to the EFL is never out of the question though. Liam Walker joined Notts County when he was 30. Just needs to hit the ground running in Gibraltar and then make sure he performs should his side qualify for European competition this summer.

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    Whilst I agree that you have to make the most of any opportunities available, TJ had always been a striker and he was played as a 10 in all of those games behind the striker. He never got given a chance to play his actual position in any league games

    I’d have thought he’d manage to sign for a National League side, but then the cost of living over here makes that much less appealing than moving back home.

    Seemed a top guy who didn’t make the most of his limited opportunities. Wish him the best of luck.

  • He'll be playing in the Champions League next season!

  • The best Gibraltarian to don de quarters barr none

  • Sensible move, never quite made the grade here

  • Gave me and no doubt many others undoubtedly the worst few minutes in my football supporting life at Plymouth. Hard to believe that was only just over a year ago. Otherwise worked hard, not quite good enough, wish him well in all he does in the future.

  • I liked TJ. Never got the run he deserved. Our tactic of not having a second striker meant it was never going to work out for him I guess

  • Unfortunately it's likely he'll be used as a RW at Lincoln as Kun Temenuzhkov is their striker now. He'll probably take Lee Casciaro's spot and be a front 3 of Tjay - Kun - Nano/Britto.

    Don't be so certain. Lincoln are joint 2nd so far and play the team they're level with this weekend. They've been exposed in a few games as they have an ageing squad (Roy Chipolina and Lee Casciaro are both over 40) and have tired in the second half of games (both their defeats, to current leaders St Joseph's, have been due to goals in the second half). It's part of why they're signing a lot of younger players in this window.

  • We are certainly clearing the decks, maybe more signings over the next week.

  • Doubt it, feels like last seasons transfer window. Players going and not replaced, costs us later when we had numerous injuries. I think we are balancing the books trying to get costs down.

  • Nothing wrong with trying to balance the books when you’re losing money like we are.

    Let’s be honest, we’ve got enough shot shy strikers already. I don’t think Tjay was likely to become the answer to our goalscoring conundrum.

    Good luck to the lad anyway - could never fault his efforts.

  • He always worked hard, but never looked likely to make the grade in L1. This is best for him and his career, all the very best to him.

  • Quite agree about shot shy strikers however one remedy to that would be for the manager to tell them to actually shoot when they get anywhere near the goal. Novel idea , but it might actually work.

  • All the best to him - I suppose the writing was on the wall when Phillips was installed as first choice barger this season.

  • Very disappointed by that. I think there was something that could have been developed after an encouraging start to his Wycombe career at the end of last season.

    Instead we sign a load of players on loan and seemingly forget about our own players. Dale Taylor has started 25 league matches for Wycombe this season and Tjay started none yet I see very little evidence that Taylor is a better player.

    To be honest, I worry much more about Matt Bloomfield’s managerial ability when I see us signing Chem Campbell on loan and releasing Tjay De Barr than I do in relation to last night’s result.

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    Jury out on Campbell for me...but I do think Taylor is a better, more experienced L1 player than de Barr. Having said that, still not sure why TJ was not given more game time myself.

    Also it's not as if GA made him a not sure it's all down to MB's managerial ability.

  • Surely Taylor’s a better more experienced player at this time because he’s been given more game time.

    Of course he may be better full stop but we’ll never know if we don’t give players a chance.

    And of course the beneficiary ultimately is Nottingham Forest rather than Wycombe Wanderers as Taylor won’t be here next season whereas De Barr might have been if we’d tried to develop him.

  • We cut the books heavily in the summer, with many contracted high earners leaving being replaced by young loanees. Many of those didn't work out, and would be disappointed if we didn't sign at least 2 more before the end of the window.

  • I get you @Theatre_of_Chairs but I would contend it's not all down to MB...and if he thought the Taylor on loan at Burton was a good shout, you can see why he got games. Not sure Taylor will be bothering the Forest first team myself even in the Championship unless he goes somewhere else to explode into the limelight.

  • Taylor and Campbell have both scored a few goals each. I think De Barr only has one league goal. He seems like a nice lad, but I won't be tossing and turning over him leaving.

    I think he was a poor man's Alex Samuel - causing havoc in the channels but giving away free kicks instead of winning them.

  • more and more examples of the work that blooms is doing, and not good work..


    Transfers Potts, Low and Leahy and potentially Kone (not his signing though)

    anything else ?


    Transfers - Taylor , Taylor , Phillips (jury still out ) Boyes , Keogh, Campbell (not what we needed), Brekin

    boring style or play

    conceded lots of late goals

    no tactical nouse

    blames everyone but himself

    reverts to back 5 even though does. not work treats plays with lack of respect (L Taylor , Boyes , Brekin , TJ to name a few ).

  • I really do not believe Matt would treat anyone with disrespect and out of those players listed; Brekin, TJ, and Lyle Taylor were not good enough during their time at Wycombe. Maybe Boyes was one who in my opinion did pretty well but was an out and out wingback and we have reverted to a back 4, so he probably wanted more game time elsewhere.

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