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Manager Stats

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Sorry, there's bound to be some of you that don't like someone doing this, but I had a look out of interest after I mentioned it earlier.

Our 4 lowest performing managers since weve become a Pro team.

Alan Smith won 16 in 52 .. 30.7%

Neil Smillie won 10 in 37 .. 27%

Blooms won 11 in 43 .. 25.5%

Tony Adams won 10 in 47 .. 22.6%



  • Bad either way, but is that league only?

  • Oh shit, I thought it was but you've made me think now, will check

  • Cups are a bonus, it's the league that really matters in my view.

    We had just won 5 league games in a row and were one point below the play-offs when the current destruction began.

  • if Rob had bottle and hired an experienced manager and not the cheap option, we would be around the playoffs....some blame blooms for taking the role, why would he not...Rob unfor6has no idea about football

  • JJ, McCleary and Vokes all wanted Bloomfield. I’d rather Rob listened to the senior players in our football team than made the decision himself. You can be upset at the outcome but you can’t question the original decision.

  • Edited, league games only for Blooms Adams and Smillie. Can't find for definite Smith's... but it ain't great whatever !

  • I'd imagine Smith's % figures are skewed upwards by inheriting a brilliant squad and starting off well before dismantling said squad in the ugliest fashion possible.

  • I don't think the Smith figures are quite right. We won 15 league games in 95/96, then he was sacked 9 (I think) games into the following season when we were winless. That would be 15 out of 55?

  • Win stats only by no means tell the full story of the disaster that Alan Smith turned out to be.

  • blooms is a bigger disaster based on the quality of squad he has in disposal

  • Statistics and data can often be manipulated to fit the narrative but this stat was interesting.

    Prior to yesterday’s game, we were second bottom in the league for GK save percentage, only narrowly above Reading. I wonder what the equivalent stat showed last season, when we had one of the best keepers in the league.

  • The era of Smith and Adams were the worst in my almost 50 years of supporting. Not only was the football crap, the results were bad but they bread a toxicity that lingered for ages. Yes I saw some crap during the 80s but it was a very different time in terms of resource and expectations

    Bloomfield is looking like he will get the title of worst (statistically) manager in our league history, a great double to put with his playing stats. And the toxicity is brewing. The safe place for young players to develop is being undermined by the experience of Boyes, Phillips and Breckin and senior players now griping in public. The manager interviews are also disconnected from the games we watch which was also a Smith/Adams trait.

    Enjoy these times guys. It’s history. You will discuss these times with your friends in future years. And hopefully be grateful for when better times come around.

  • Save percentage isn't the most useful as it doesn't take into account shot quality. That said, Max did have that short run of howlers earlier in the season.

  • The manager interviews being completely disconnected from the games we watch is something that really annoys me. I'd respect him so much more if he was honest about the performances and situation. It's head-in-the-sand stuff

  • Adams was a genius at this. We would watch a chaotic defeat and he would talk faux intellectual sh1t.

    I guess what I hated about Smith was that he dismantled a legacy. Players come and go but an ethos is something that is ingrained in a club. He dismantled MON’s ethos. And this is another reason I’m surprised that people are so forgiving with Bloomfield. We have gone from never say die to meekly losing and accepting our fate. Extraordinary turnaround. But you know, it’s Matt Bloomfield, Mr Wycombe, so shouldn’t grumble.

  • As someone who started watching Wycombe in 2011, I have no memory of the Adams or Smith days. However, surely the current situation is just as negative as they ever were? We must be the only club in the EFL who wouldn't sack a manager after 1 win in 17, with not even the barest glimpses of improvement or competence. MB's tenure had been at best a 4/10 even before the present run of results

  • You don’t need stats. Just try and get rid of a spare ticket for a game these days. My once full 7-seater could soon be me on a bike.

  • Seems like a few are in disposal; at least the rest are at his disposal.

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    Unless the medics have got it completely wrong, I’ll not be discussing these times with anyone in future years. That’s what makes the current situation particularly poignant for me - a feeling reinforced by the knowledge that, for financial reasons, nothing is likely to change much in the foreseeable future. There is a tangible gulf between the current culture and the culture carefully and classily cultivated by GA and Dobbo. It’s so sad.

    The loan arrangements haven’t worked out at all well this season. That’s another sadness of course, especially as there are one or two (maybe more) young players on our books (Ward and Young spring to mind) who cannot get a look in. I’m honestly not sure what Chem Campbell’s status is (I thought he was on loan but he’s been given the 11 shirt) but starting him ahead of Sadlier can hardly have been conducive to improving team spirit.

    On the subject of loan players and their treatment, Gideon Kodua will need to be involved before too long or, despite David Moyes’ apparent limited enthusiasm for youth development, he may soon also join the departure queue. Kodua that is !

    At least my very first club (as a supporter in the ‘fifties) brought me some real joy yesterday afternoon in addition to the joy of seeing such a promising start to the professional career of a lad who has been through some pretty tough times in the recent past.

    More joy, that’s what we need.

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    Except for yesterday, where we actually had a really good comeback. Albeit aided by red cards and pens.

    But obviously being 2 down to the worst team in the league by quite some distance ruining that fact.

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    Maybe this is something we could put in a letter, as per @shev 's idea.

    Our @micra needs some decent footy, he's earnt it and get Gaz back in the summer at latest.

  • Very kind of you @mooneyman.

    You even kindly refrained from pointing out my misspelling of Kodua, corrected subsequently.

  • This is what frustrates me. You say "with not the barest glimpses of improvement or competence" - come on now, that's not true is it.

    Since Shrewsbury at home we've been significantly improved with a back four.

    We've had one horrendous game away at Exeter - which we reverted to a back five. We had a shocking first half against Fleetwood yesterday - which I put down to a hangover from Tuesday night, nervousness for it being a must win home game given the run we're on.

    Derby we were good value for a point.

    Port Vale - much improved, just didn't kill them off.

    Leyton Orient - wasn't the best but we picked up a point and were the only team not to lose against them in the first five games after Xmas.

    Bristol Rovers - we were excellent, especially when we went down to 10. The last 7 minutes aside we were miles better.

    Burton away - significant improvement and but for a brilliant performance by their keeper would have picked up all three points.

    Lincoln - much better for first 70 but agree the last 20 we were under the cosh but we defended so well until that cruel classy finish.

    Wigan - conditions didn't help either side but we more than matched them and apart from a quality finish again we would have picked up a good point away from home.

    Fleetwood - our 2nd half performance was significantly better, yes they had 10 but you cannot have it both ways. First half we were utter shite.

    Compare those games overall to the Reading, Stevenage, Shrewsbury, Morecambe games we have improved.

    We've dropped 8 points in this run conceding after the 90th minute. It would be so much better sat on 39 points in 11th. I appreciate we are not but this is nowhere near as bad as the end of Adams, Sanchez or Smilie.

    Hopefully Scowen won't be out for long, we pick up three points next weekend and things will start looking up.

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    I'm sorry, but you can pick out excuses all you want, but there really haven't been any glimpses of improvement that I've seen, and I've been to most of those games.

    Apart from Bristol Rovers (who we somehow always beat), every performance has been uninspiring at best, turgid dross at worst. Port Vale was no more than a 6/10 performance against a poor team in just as bad form as us. Leyton Orient was the most toothless Wycombe attacking display I've seen for many a year (0 shots on target, and no shots at all after 40 mins). Burton, Lincoln, and Wigan were maximum 5/10 performances. And even against Rovers, we would have somehow conceded 3 times in injury time if not for the width of the post.

    To top things off, our little run has been almost exclusively against the worst teams in the league, most of whom (Port Vale, Exeter, Lincoln, Burton, Fleetwood, Leyton Orient) had been in form just as bad or even worse than us at the time we played them. Your post is foolish, blind optimism and I really can't believe that there are any attempts at sugar coating these performances. It is negligence by the Couhigs to leave MB in charge at this point

  • Come on son. How many allowances are you going to make there 🤣.

    Conceding late once or twice is unfortunate, to repeatedly do it every week, often after making a woeful substitution is another story.

    I've blotted out most of the details of the ends of Smith/Adams and Smillies's runs, but I'd be surprised if we had been utterly played off the pitch by a team not only bottom, but miles off survival, for half a game under their regimes.

    Before their guy got sent off, yesterday was brewing up to be a real stand out low point, probably down there with the 6-3 thumping at Peterborough that Smith had.

    We've got 4 of the top 7 coming up back to back soon.

  • Really? You're telling me there has been no improvement from the Morecambe Cup game to the games since the turn of the New Year. Everyone is entitled to there opinion but I just think people do not wish to see any improvement or admit there has been because they want him sacked - not just yourself. I've seen it across plenty of posts.

    Don't get me wrong, we've been absolutely diabolical at times and I am far from happy with 1 win in 17 but to say there has been no improvement whatsoever from Reading/Stevenage/Shrewsbury/Morecambe doesn't seem to be a fair assessment.

    As I said on another thread, I hope MB can turn it around but I'd completely understand if he was removed of his duties.

  • Admittedly I wasn't at the Morecambe cup game, but the first half yesterday was the WORST Wycombe performance I have EVER seen in 13 years following this club home and away. If there were any improvements (which I maintain that there weren't, see above), then they must have been extremely fragile.

  • (Checks how long ago the 6-0 defeats v Huddersfield were....)

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