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Third kit

I can't believe I'm saying this five months into the season, but does anyone happen to have any idea when the red shirt will be available to buy?


  • Probably when we wear it instead of the quarters at Cheltenham because of a "clash".

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    I'm surprised it doesn't add ...

    "Get there early to avoid disappointment. Limited stocks only, when it's gone it's gone!"

    It does look good though, I have to admit.

  • I haven't seen anything that mentions limited stock on either the X/Twitter post or online. Am I missing something?

  • Its a lovely kit. Bit of a fail not having it for sale at Christmas. January is the most skint month of the year.

  • The closest I'll ever get to owning a Denmark 1986 shirt without winning the lottery. The best of this season's bunch imo.

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  • I just bought this online, and when I went to the checkout it automatically added an £11.75 discount (maybe because they were made available so late, I don't know?) so if anyone else is on the fence, and might be swayed by a bit of money off, then check it out.

    I thought it might have been a glitch, but when I tried to buy it again, the same thing happened.

  • Thanks for sharing, I just checked and got the same - £40 posted and now I’m tempted!

  • Just checked to see if it would let me do it on other items and it doesn't, so it must be a deliberate discount.

  • It looks like the 3rd Kit (the Red one) won't be used next season as it's currently in the 40% off section of the club shop online. However, getting a nice looking kit for £28.20 (plus £4.50 postage) when it's normally £47 isn't bad!

  • That discount has always been there I think, as it was so late going on sale.

  • Not to this extent. Earlier it was a £7 discount, but now its £18.80

  • Don't worry, you'll be able to buy it for the next 2 seasons for the same price from the "vintage" section

  • Don't suppose anyone knows if they'd apply the same discount for the third kit if I pop down to the shop at the stadium please?

  • Sorry @FmG, please let us know when you find out

  • Yep, shop confirmed that they didn't know the discount was on the website and it is a mistake. Suggest getting an order in quickly if you want the red kit!

    There are very limited numbers (in v large sizes) of the green kit available...apparently a shipment of them was meant to come this/last week and hasn't arrived. Not great news for the club ahead of the final.

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    I would not want to be in the room when the merch team explain to Rob the sales numbers on the green repro strip of the one the team are wearing to Wembley (or rather we fans are not).

    Or indeed in the quality of design and materials on the t-shirt.

    Sadly the words ‘tin’ and ‘pot’ come to mind.

  • ...unless this is all a cunning plan to boost sales of the red kit. An unofficial discount so people think they are getting an extra bargain, but really just shifting a bit of stock pre Wembley that they might otherwise be stuck with.

  • I wouldn't buy the red kit if it was a fiver, don't like it. Green & White 2nd kit far superior imo.

  • But there's a chance that the shop will be awash with green shirts tomorrow lunchtime? I might just take a punt and go down there.

    If they don't sell them then it might beike trying to sell Christmas cards on Boxing Day

  • I didn't actually ask but the club must be hoping they get a delivery today. Suspect there'll be a social media announcement if they do come back in stock.

    The website discount for the third kit seems to have now been removed.

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    Hello, have just spoken to reception at the ground and there will be no new away shirts arriving before the game.

    On the red shirts, I was told the error was that the O,Neill’s discount was on there by mistake and had been removed. However, just checked and it’s still on there as you will see when I’m at Adams park with a red shirt on with Jacobson on my back 😁

    (discount code SPRING24)

  • You were lucky to get it as the coupon has now expired

  • All Hummel shirts should come with ‘Micky Mouse’ as standard on the back!

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