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Man of the Match - Derby (A)


  1. MOTM54 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Grimmer
    3. Low
    4. Forino
    5. Boyes
    6. Scowen
    7. Leahy
    8. Sadlier
    9. Phillips
    10. McCleary
    11. L. Taylor
    12. Keogh (sub)
    13. Wheeler (sub)
    14. Vokes (sub)
    15. KVY (sub)


  • I’ll go with Phillips

  • Going to give it to Sadlier, he's had to bide his time to get a chance but seems to be a very intelligent and capable footballer.

    A lot of good performances all over the pitch though, not going to call them all out but if KVY can build on that cameo he'll be a great asset for us, I haven't been convinced by him so far but very happy to have my prejudices invalidated.

  • Phillips for me.

  • Quite agree. And I thought KVY’s cameo was very impressive. Great to see because I had reservations based on the few appearances he made before injury ruled him out. I wonder if he was fully fit at the time.

  • The spread of votes exemplifies what a tremendous team effort it was. Only one lesson learned. Don’t revert to three at the back.

  • Tough one this week, neither side was great, but we held our own against them and worked really hard and most importantly kept going until the final whistle.

    The pick of the bunch for me was a toss up between Scowen, Phillips & Leahy, with me going for Leahy in the end.

  • Went for KP because he’s the nuts. How great is it to have Joe Low back though.

  • I think KP will make a fantastic captain one day. Once he reaches his mid/late 20s and softens up his approach just a tiny bit.

  • Phillips again for me, fantastic commitment and will to win.

  • Have to say, I thought it was incredibly poor game today. Derby were well off the pace and that allowed us the opportunity to salvage a draw, which we probably just about deserved. Glad MB binned 5 at the back and went with Forino & Low as the middle pairing. He does insist on subbing defenders a bit too regularity for my liking though.

    Nobody really stood out and I confess to not seeing the performance from Sadlier that some others seem to have. I went for Phillips. His desire, tenacity and ability to win back possession high up the pitch has been a small positive these past couple of months.

  • Phillips celebrated getting to half time like he’d just scored the winner. He really wears his heart on his sleeve.

  • Team effort today but Josh, as ever, put his body on the line again and again….fearless.

  • I thought the whole team visibly gained confidence as the match went on. Encouragingly Lyle Taylor in particular was more effective in the second half. Josh was everywhere. Chris Forino and Joe Lowe dealt with almost everything. I thought Harry Boyes made some significant contributions. Killian Phillips always adds positivity. By the end of the game our midfield looked in control and we looked the same coherent whole as we did in the Peterborough away game.

    However for me the outstanding moment came at the end, Luke Leahy had played a captain's game all match and took a captain's penalty but it was Dave Wheeler's imagination and attitude which put him in the position to win us the 1 - 1 draw. I went with Dave Wheeler.

  • POTD. Was it the genuinely poignant slow bit at the beginning or the 100 mile an hour latter part? Nice to see your international visitor by the way.

  • It hurts me to have to disagree with someone I’ve known and admired for many years (and no doubt annoyed with my inane - pre SV - comments from the seat in front of him !) but I saw the match in a very different, much more positive light.

    OK, being at the game is very different from watching the video but I’m not at all sure Derby were “well off the pace.” I’ve not seen them previously this season so I’m not able to make any kind of judgement on that. I prefer to think that our own wholehearted and at times very slick performance prevented them from putting us under any sustained pressure.

    it was a great relief (heartwarming in fact) after all the recent undeniably poor performances and I’m hoping that it really is overwhelmingly down to the change of defensive formation. Next Saturday will provide fascinating evidence one way or the other and it has now become a match to really look forward to.

  • Don’t worry, @micra. I think it probably comes down to you looking at the positives vs. my glass half empty (no name drop intended) outlook on Wycombe Wanderers at the moment. Hopefully yesterdays result, or more the way it came, is a big step towards things taking a turn for the better.

    I do believe we defended much better than in recent performances and the formation, that I’ve been screaming out for, was a huge part of that.

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