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Gary Thompson

Good signing? personally bit underwhelmed with a 34 year old striker on a two year contract. I know his goalscoring record is impressive though so will be useful.

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  • Very good goal scoring record. Perhaps a little surprising to give a two year deal to a 34 year old. But almost every club asks for a 'proven goal scorer' in the summer so we can't really complain when we get one.

    Given how much we hear about the tight knit nature of the squad, it makes sense to have another experienced player that knows some of the other squad members.

  • Simon Garner was one of the best signings we ever made and he was 34 when we signed him. Nor was he what you'd call the model pro in terms of looking after himself either.

    He was bloody brilliant though.

    Welcome to Wycombe Garry.

  • Talking of all things Garner, would a Thompson/Hayes forward line be our oldest front two pairing since the mighty Garner/Regis days?

  • Did Mooney ever play up front with McGleish?

  • If Thompson plays up front with Craig that would be an older partnership.

  • Great signing

  • Slightly concerned with the age, but everyone deserves to be judge on the pitch. Anyway we got something to type about at last and use the poll feature.

  • If he can score 12 goals for a league one team that got relegated then I would imagine he would be a good signing. I trust in Gaz :-)

  • If you look at the goals he scored..all corkers. .no tap ins. looks a good signing.

  • LEAGUE CAREER: 96 goals in 522 games, fairly decent

  • edited June 2015

    Rather like the look of him based on this. Garner is probably my favourite Wycombe player of all time so the age doesn't worry me. 34 is not old for a clever striker.

  • To be fair I remember seeing a similar video when Craig signed, although that was from the Scottish leagues!

    I would have preferred a one-year deal with an option for a second, but I trust Gareth's judgement. Lets face it he wasn't the youngest when he came to us either!

  • the video of craig showed him scoring about 10 tap in's
    garry is a quality player who has a terrific shot off either foot.

  • I'm really pleased - compare his fitness and goalscoring record to Matt McClure and Steven Craig. Also (notwithstanding the relegation at County) he's a winner, been promoted three times. That experience really counts.

  • also, all those goals are from last season. Looks pretty exciting to me

  • Looks a strong player, good in the air in an attacking sense. Some cracking goals last season in a struggling team. Watched a lot of League 1 on television last season, and it really is quite a cut above League 2, so to score 12 in League 1 is good news. Front 3 of Holloway, Hayes and Thompson will be very good. If all can get 10 goals across the season we'll have a good season....

  • Agreed, plus the fact that he's originally a winger and not an out and out striker fits in with the 3 up front formula and gives Gaz the flexibility that he likes.

  • Looks to have both speed and power so just what we need. County fans have said that he was played out of position for a lot of last season that's why he only scored 12 goals.

  • Ummh this is looking rather appealing front 3 of Holloway, Hayes and Thompson. Looking a deadly combination and with Sellers in Midfield or within the 3.

    Don't know why I am feeling optimistic, but feel once they get a few friendlies matches to know each others game - who knows?

    By the way can the mods amend my poll vote from "Meh" to" Yes"?

    Only kidding.

  • Response from a fan on the Nottingham Evening Post website:

    A good signing for Wycombe and a good two year deal for well done to him. Always gave 100% for Notts and I think defenders in division 1 found him a expect him to score even more goals in league 2.....not sure Notts have done the right thing here in letting Gary go because I think he would have got us 10 to 15 goals this season...

  • that last post sounds promising, welcome to wycombe Gary .....

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