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I used the club shop online for the first time. I chose this as last time I wanted to buy something I went down the shop to find it locked up even though the hours said it was open.

I have to say it's a pretty crappy experience. 3 days on and order for something listed as in stock and it is still processing. And they have done the naughty thing of taking my money 3 days ago.

Anyone else used it? Is it a team down at the club or a 3rd party?


  • Have to say I used it recently to buy my grandson a shirt and found it a fairly straightforward process. Shirt arrived quickly as well.

  • If you want the shorts and or socks though you'll need to go to the ground. They are unavailable on the website

  • An update on my customer experience I've tried three different emails listed on the club shop and go zero replies. I also tried calling but nothing doing.

    I just wondered if this was normal service or if I've been unlucky. Rob was rightly proud of the increase in revenue on the merch but if there is log jam with the online experience they are going to miss a trick and revenue will ebb away pretty quickly.

    I'll give it another go tomorrow and then thankfully I used my credit card so can dispute it as that as there is no CANCEL option on the website, even though the order is still not despatched (and is still showing in stock).

  • Phone the normal club shop number. I had a similar issue and I phoned in and they sorted immediately.

  • If you’ve ordered a Christmas jumper in any size other than small, it shows as in stock online but it’s not available in the shop until this Friday. I wonder how many other items have this problem. Clearly the online inventory isn’t aligned to the actual in stock inventory.

  • How about a festive ‘Most Certainly Snow!’ T?

    ……anyone notice how form has dipped since Blooms dropped the post match “most certainly so!”s?

  • Most certainly ho ho ho

  • Never did get anything on my order. No reply to the emails on the club shop website. No replies to the general emails. No answer on a couple of options on the phone. The phone system doesn't have an option for club shop. I've had to report it to the credit card company.

    When Missie took it over it was with great energy and passion and the boasts about increased revenue were fantastic. Seems the drive has ebbed away somewhat. If my experience is typical at what should be the busiest time for the club shop then we will see revenues dive again. And lets face it we have already f'd up the kit so not having Christmas jumpers available for Christmas is another own goal.

  • That's pretty shit, and not a great look for the club at all.

  • I travelled relatively far last Friday to get mine, as it showed in stock online. I did buy the new home shirt whilst I was there, so it wasn’t a complete waste of a journey, but now I face having to pay £4.50 postage when it does finally come back in stock. And will it even arrive before Christmas?? It does feel rather amateur.

    I assume I can expect some thumbs down as some will say I don’t appreciate the hard work that the team does, especially at this time of the year, but they haven’t really managed our expectations re the club shop, with some bold statements made over the years, about being the best at what we do.

  • I'd quite like the third shirt at some point - have we had any update on when it'll be available?

  • @Gary ”they haven’t really managed our expectations”.


    Rob is a lawyer which is the least service industry service industry going. Which might explain why, economics degree aside(!), the service concepts of: ‘the customer is king’ or ‘under promise then over deliver’ don’t really feature in his lexicon.

  • Did you ring 01494 472100? That’s the number I rang when I had a similar issue.

    Your example sounds terrible and I hope someone is taking this example back to whoever it is who runs all this now?

  • edited December 2023

    I did. There’s no option for club shop. Tried reception no answer. Called back later and tried tickets. No answer.

    There’s a lady’s email address on the store as head of merchandise (Julie Hancock). I emailed her too. No reply. Not sure she even still works for the club still. Her name wasn’t familiar.

    Won’t buy again and I hate to think how much cash the club might be losing.

  • We seem to be making a right mess of things. RC needs to sort this quickly as it won’t help him sell the club on.

  • In case there is a problem with the generic (**** email addresses not forwarding, then try Neil Peters, Head of Business Operations via [email protected]

    Julie Hancock is still shop manager.

  • Call and follow the options to speak to ‘Commercial’. They can then put you through to someone you need who can help you. Works every time.

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    So last week I was guaranteed the new Christmas jumper would be delivered last Friday. Today, I made another trip to AP - you can see where this is going.

    There has been (another) supplier issue which means they couldn’t get them in until this Friday. Therefore, they have cancelled the order and there will be no more produced. There are a few smalls left in stock and anyone who has ordered one will have that element of the order cancelled.

    Aside from the personal frustration of another wasted trip to the stadium, it’s disappointing as myself and probably many others would have been happy to wait until this Friday to receive them, and knowing that any postal orders wouldn’t come until after Christmas, they could have thrown in a £5 voucher code or something to use against a future purchase.

    It’s also concerning that this is the second supplier issue with clothing this season, and given it’s a different supplier, the commonality in both is the club. I’m not for one minute suggesting we are incompetent but are we really that unlucky?

    Editing to add that there’s been no mention of this on the socials which is equally as frustrating.

  • I think we are not taking the commercial side of the business with the seriousness that Rob started off with. Missy was proudly head of merch sales and we were going places. We are now not even able to get Christmas jumpers in time for Christmas (which has to be their peak sales window I would have thought).

    Missed opportunities for the club.

    I got my refund today btw. Which was one week after I placed my in stock product.

  • Have to say that I think the Christmas jumpers are rubbish, they’re just a plain jumper with a print on the front.

    Proper Christmas jumpers have a design that goes all over the front, back and down the arms.

    Shame we don’t have this option in the UK.

  • Wow they are really nice worth that money. Why on earth are we trying to sell the cheaply made Xmas merchandise we stock, or don’t stock, in our club shop.

  • I think the club have responded to the criticism by making the Christmas jumpers affordable which is pretty smart for a once-a-year product. But people are not happy with the quality, damned if they do, damned if they don't it appears.

    That said, I've not bought anything in the shop since the trust days.

  • With the club's potential sale and the reduce attendance figures, you'd have thought at least the club shop could be doing something to get some more money into the till. I know we have been let down by suppliers and that our hands are tied in some situations but we seem to always be on the back foot

  • Yeah,they should have had a stall in the market on Friday for Christmas, can't believe they missed that opportunity.....

  • I posted on another thread about my experience with Arsenal Direct - a Premier League operation, of course.

    Having had money taken from my account at the start of last week and received an order confirmation, nothing else happened. After a week I tried to contact them, but was only able to email them. Arsenal's commercial department point blank refused to put me through to anyone as 'they don't take calls'. Sent an email on Monday, still no response as of today but the pending transaction on my bank account has been removed, so i guess that's that.

    Personally, I've never experienced service that bad from Wycombe, even if it's not always perfect.

  • Making the jumpers affordable was a really good idea. Not having them in stock in time for Christmas was as much of an own goal as not having the new kit ready for the start of the season.

  • Good shout and maybe get @bluntphil to do a brief thing on socials, perhaps with a Del Boy vibe?

    Oh, wait …………

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