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Another reason why the Shrewsbury match is important

Firstly, the most important result from next Saturday’s match v Shrewsbury Town is the 3 points. Apart from the obvious however there’s an important aspect to Saturday’s game that needs consideration.

In order to assess how far we’ve come as a club I look back to 20 years ago. I thought we were a very comparable club at the time to Brentford. Similar size ground, similar support, similar support demographic etc etc. Since then Brentford have been very upwardly mobile & have now established themselves as a mid-table Premier League club - even with a ground capacity at the new stadium of just 17,000. A comparison of WW to Brentford is obviously no longer valid.

Consequently, I think the best club to compare WW to is next Saturday’s visitors, Shrewsbury Town. A similar size town and a new ground of similar size to Adams Park on the edge of town with all the issues that brings. A club that was forced to move from a very quirky ground, full of character, in the town centre. Their support is similar to WW and they have the same problems with people travelling out of the town to watch Premier League football in the North or West Midlands. In fact, Manchester United used to have a club merchandise shop in the town centre (not sure if they still do).

Given the finances generated by either club, League One appears to be the “natural habitat” for both. Unless the average gates can be increased, the only realistic chance of progressing to the Championship is by finance from an outside benefactor. The problem at WW now is that the hardcore fans are being asked to pay more and more and many are simply not prepared to do that anymore.

Both Wycombe and Shrewsbury have a similar supporter demographic - lots of fans over 50 and lots of smaller children, but a gap in the middle. Credit to Shrewsbury that they recognise many of their fans travel to home games from nearby market town ls so they put on coaches from places like Wem.

WW do well to maintain a L1 status but budget cuts and lower supporter numbers make it very difficult to mount a realistic challenge for promotion to the Championship. So when you watch these 2 sides battle it out on Saturday have a think about which club is making the best of their situation - or are they in exactly the same position?



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