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Man of the Match - Reading (H)


  1. Who is your Man of the Match for the game against Reading (H)?68 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Grimmer
    3. Low
    4. Keogh
    5. Tafazolli
    6. Boyes
    7. Scowen
    8. Phillips
    9. McCleary
    10. Dale Taylor
    11. Wheeler
    12. Forino (sub)
    13. Sadlier (sub)
    14. Lyle Taylor (sub)


  • Has to be Phillips even though he tired second half.

  • yup, Phillips for me. As ever Scowen was a beacon of excellence, but I'm going to give it to Phillips for the goal, but also for his relentless scrapping in midfield, winning balls that were far from his to win, and creating attacking chances out of nothing.

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    Phillips was excellent & Scowen was up to his usual standard & everyone else was 6/10 or worse, so easy choice to give it to young KP.

    I feel for Dale Taylor as we are not playing to his strengths & overall the service to him is piss poor, forcing him to drop deeper to try to get the ball where he is much less effective, he really needs to play alongside someone like Vokes...I hope we work on that and work on him to get him to stay on the shoulder of the last defender as this will create space for KP & GMac to exploit, it was something that Lyle Taylor showed glimpses off today and helped a much better second half showing from us.

  • Scowen was pretty good, in a sea of mostly shite but not sure you can take a Marcus Bean throw in and rattle a few people late and be a beacon of excellence.

  • well...the Bean throw-in I just put down to a slippery ball. But I thought he played his usual vital role in breaking up play and regaining possession, more important than ever when Reading were playing pure counterattack for half of the game.

  • Forino? You must be joking!

    Phillips for me.

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    No chance i’m voting for any of them

    hmm in hindsight, wheeler maybe

  • Motm was Taf. Only good player today.

  • Phillips (seems to improving every game) just ahead of Scowen (the usual) for me today.

  • Phillips by an absolute country mile.... if you have voted for anyone else, have a word with yourself. No one else deserved a vote

  • I voted Scowen. I took your advice, had a word with myself, and we still both agree.

  • Phillips just for his effort and an excellent goal. However faded badly having literally run himself into the ground.

    Without Potts we haven’t got the holding ball player that Bloomball requires. Scowen is having to cover far too much ground on his own. Unless someone can drop in beside Josh to receive the ball from defence there really is no point in playing the ball around at the back.

    I really think Blooms could give everyone a break and go back to 4 at the back on Tuesday. it would be a boost to Max and the defense to just defend and get the ball forward with 2 holding in midfield.

    4231 please Matt

  • Haha tbf, on reflection Scowen was his usual self, and deserves a few.

  • I voted for Phillips not only for the goal he scored which was brilliant btw, but he essentially drove that team for the 1st 25 minutes of that 2nd half singlehandedly until he wore himself out. What a player he is, but I wonder what he would have made with GA & Dobbo as managers and Bayo on the pitch! Mind you we possibly wouldn't have been allowed to sign him from Palace with their style?

  • Roy Hodgson is hardly a purist himself and Eze would have been mentioned heavily, we might have been alright.

  • Killian Phillips only real contender for me, during the first half he was the only one to show any real quality. Shame he blazed that one miles over after the break, at the end of a good bit of play. Wheels was OK. Didn't think Josh was his usual self, that throw-in certainly didn't help.

  • I really love Killian’s passion and desire.

    He didn’t really know how to control or channel it in the first few games but he’s found a way to focus it and it’s become a real asset to him and the team

    A full minute after he scored yesterday he was still leaping around and punching the air. It’s great to see.

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