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How is Brandon?


  • Yes would be good to hear.

    May take a little longer than Leahy as it may involve scans etc. Fingers crossed.

    Didn’t look at all good on Saturday and you have to worry that it’s a season ending injury like an ACL, which would be horrendous news.

    I’m very much in the camp that he’s added plenty to our attacking play this season despite some of his obvious technical shortcomings. He’ll leave a big hole.

  • They said he's recovering at home with family, beyond that I doubt we'll get an update for a while. Seems unlikely he'll play in the near future, not sure anything beyond that helps us.

  • All the more galling that we didn't end up receiving a big fee from Wrexham, and then it seems all parties made peace with him staying at the last minute, and he contributed a few goals. Feel really sorry for him, hopefully it's miraculously not as bad as it looked.

  • From my extensive experience of these things I would imagine it would be a few days before the trauma of the injury settles and he can get a scan. Then a consultant. Bit worried when I saw he went to Stoke Mandeville, he could still be waiting. The injury happened right in front of us and looking at the way his knee locked before the WWF throw I would be very surprised if it's not an ACL. Fingers crossed it's not but the pain he was in and the fact he was kept in overnight suggests it is certainly serious. Gutted for him.

  • My reading of the club statement is that both Luke and Brandon were discharged on Saturday...

    "Luke Leahy has thanked fans for their kind wishes after he was taken to hospital as a result of the head injury he sustained during Saturday's League 1 fixture with Stevenage at Adams Park.

    The Wycombe no.10 and team-mate Brandon Hanlan - who suffered a knee injury earlier in the match - were both discharged from hospital following a series of assessments on Saturday evening."

  • Probably not the coolest first line to lead with when a player has been brutalised when representing for our club.

  • Thats the nature of football fans. I am pretty sure (assuming that he is out for a long period) that he will be built up as the season saviour, bringer of goals and attacking threat by the time he is almost ready to return.

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    I don't care about that, I'm more bemused someone sees him injured quite badly and a few days on is cursing that we didn't get money for him.

    That's classless.

  • Unfortunately it’s as bad as anticipated. ACL. Announced by BH himself on instagram.

  • That’s what we feared and I know from experience it will be a good few months before he is back up and running. I wish him a speedy and full recovery.

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    He's said on Twitter (X) that his season is over.

  • Gutted for him.

    All the best for your recovery Brandon.

  • You never want to see any player with an injury like that. Such a shame

  • Dreadful stuff. We'll look after him though.

  • The way the club supported Nick Freeman when he got his injury was wonderful, so hopefully we can do the same for Brandon. Wishing him a full and speedy recovery.

  • What a shame. Hope to see him back as soon as possible. He's at a good club for support.

  • Awful news poor bloke

  • Feel so sorry for Mustard. He has been doing a great job for us this season.

    He was probably hoping for his Wrexham move to materialise in January. How fortunes can change in football so suddenly.

    Wish him all the best in his recovery.

  • Hanlan had an excellent attitude about Wrexham falling through, and I can only wish him the very best in his recovery.

    If we get him on co-comms, I am going to ask Phil to run the Mustard nickname by him, for sure!

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