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Man of the Match - SteveEvansIsFlabby (H)

What a sad watch.

  1. Man of the Match?61 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Leahy
    3. Keogh
    4. Taffazolli
    5. Forino
    6. Wheeler
    7. Scowen
    8. Phillips
    9. McCleary
    10. Hanlan
    11. Taylor
    12. Low (sub)
    13. De Barr (sub)
    14. Sadlier (sub)
    15. Boyes (sub)


    1. Wheels
    2. Leahy
    3. TJay

    Keogh coming in a close 16th.

    Steve Evans looks like a space hopper. Hope he bursts soon.

  • Dreadful game - poor officials, opposition looking to kick us off the park, us with a total lack of cohesion & ideas, Evans (a fine figure of a man - not) moaning constantly to the ref & 4th official plus the injuries to Hanlan & Leahy (hope they are both ok and make a speedy recovery).

    Hard to pick out anyone who played at anything close to their potential, the two who came closest were Scowie & Max, of whom Scowie had the ever so slightly larger influence so gets my vote.

  • I thought Scowen was head and shoulders above - the only one making anything happen.

  • I thought Forino did very well so I gave it to him, although he was rightly hooked after his booking as it looked like he was starting to get pissed off.

    Scowen excellent as ever and it was exactly the sort of game where he was desperately needed.

    Stevenage did exactly what the GA-era Wycombe used to get moaned at for doing - they played to their strengths so it is what it is.

  • Whoever their number 5 was. Absolutely superb. Battered us. Scowen for us, comfortably. Tafa should be starting every week. Excellent again. Apart from that … poor

  • The difference is that we used gamesmanship under GA, but Stevenage are genuinely dirty/violent.

  • Indeed @Shev they left as much as possible in each and every tackle

  • Tafa once again. Been excellent every game this season.

  • The aftermath of today’s game will quite rightly be focused on the abysmal refereeing performance and the shocking lack of sportsmanship of Stevenage on and off the pitch. That said however, it was a really poor performance from us and we never looked like troubling their ‘keeper.

    I’ll give MOTM to Josh, who marshalled midfield relatively well. I thought Phillips did OK too. Really poor from our CB’s in particular, again.

  • Scowen no brainer

  • Terrible game, almost every player made mistakes and gave the ball away. Only person deserving a vote today is Scowen.

  • edited November 11

    I gave it to Scowen just because he's not injured now. The game itself was dreadful and I'm not sure we really had a MotM

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet.. but if Low is fit enough to be on the bench, why is he not starting in front of Keogh ?!?

  • Scowen. First half a solid 8/10. Second half a 6/10. Made him the best player in blue shirt by a country mile.

  • Josh. No doubt. Not just for play but for captaincy in some very difficult circumstances.

  • Josh was great, but went for Wheels in the end, quality balls in from the right all afternoon, but no-one able to make them count for anything.

  • I thought the passing from GMac and Leahy ( sorry Luke!) was very poor yesterday. And our set pieces inevitably seem to end up in the goalies hands these days...

  • We went deep with our crossing and free kicks all game, which made life very easy for their ‘keeper.

  • Let's face it there were no positives to come out of Saturday. We were terrible. The injuries were horrible. As an attacking force we are hopeless at the moment. Once in a while you come away from a game and say 'we could have played all day and not scored', this is becoming the norm now sadly. I can't see where we are going to get goals from. Wheeler?

  • Yes I’m not sure about a front two of Taylor and Tjay. Not only is there no aerial threat at all but also very little running in behind. That makes us very easy to defend against.

    Taylor was poor on Saturday. At the minute he’s not scoring or winning headers or holding the ball up or running in behind to any great effect. Unfortunately that means he’s just going missing far too often.

    So yes, I do think we have to consider putting Wheeler up front. I actually think he’s got a bit to offer in that position and has delivered one or two good performances there. Given a few games I could actually see him making a case for him to finish his career playing as a forward.

  • I think GMac might be better as the other target man myself.

    I was surprised TJ came both him and Taylor seem quite short for our style of play.

  • This is TJ’s time I feel. Could be sink or swim in the next month.

    I actually thought he played well on Saturday after he calmed down a bit. He always looks like he tries too hard to impress when he comes on.

    He had a great chance with a free header at the back post on Saturday which slightly caught him by surprise and just bounced off him. A goal for Gibraltar and a strong performance against Reading could just set him on his way.

  • I would certainly give TJ the nod over Taylor. Taylor unfortunately rarely gets in a position to shoot and like so much of our attacking play when he's in the final 3rd opts for one pass too many thereby slowing the momentum down to a crawl. A confidence issue? He has ability but as with a lot of / most young players out of the Premier League development system look a long way off being capable of playing for their parent club.

  • Looking at things positively (aka wildly optimistically) the enforced break will allow the management team time to develop, work on and embed a plan on how best to create a style of play to create chances with the limited options available.

    I have a feeling that we may see an interesting and slightly different approach for the Reading game…

  • For me. Phillips has to be in the front 3 as his energy and closing down make a huge difference and allows us to sustain attacks. If Potts remains injured, it’s time to get Leahy back in the middle with Scowen (assuming he’ll be ok in 2 weeks). Boyes and Wheeler wing backs and Phillips, McCleary and Taylor up front.

  • The issue is we have no number 9. No out and out give me the ball and watch me twat the fecker in number 9. We have lots of support strikers who can chip in with the occasional goal but nothing that will make an opposition too worried. Whether this is down to formation or personnel I am not sure. We all assumed Vokes was that player but I would argue that we have never played a formation that constantly fed him for chances. He probably converts his fair share of chances, he just doesn't have that many chances. Taylor currently looks neither a 9 or a 10 to me. He maybe needs the encouragement to be absolutely selfish if he wants to be a goalscoring striker.

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