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Am I right in thinking we still can't buy a home or away shirt? I hope the club is being amply compensated - and that it's sorted well before Christmas!



  • It was a reasonable enough question

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    I think the thumb down might be for a number of different reasons.

    1) No update since the 3rd Oct and they "expects to receive a new batch of shirts at the end of October and will be able to dispatch replacement shirts after this point."

    2) That no matter how bad O'Neils were, we didn't have these issues

    3) We don't want to think about this never-ending saga again

    So don't take it personally, there isn't really anything new to add until we are told something new

    PS. I wasn't the thumb downer

  • How long were the shirts actually available in the shop for? A month, if that? 😅

  • Mine will be going back on Tuesday. Same issue as many others have had.

  • Just over a month I think. I wonder what exactly they are planning on doing to improve them to stop everything coming off?

  • Free tube of Pritt-Stick with every order?

  • I can bring you all an exclusive live look-in at Hummel headquarters as shirt repairs commence.

  • A football shirt company that cannot supply football shirts is surely unfit for purpose! Is it run by a government minister's mate?

  • It really is a joke. I hope they keep this shirt for next season. Completely pointless in sorting the problem otherwise.

  • Didn't the trust confirm these would be 2 year jobs in the end? After a lot of conjecture about the wording suggesting only 1 year?

    With all the fuss and delay I won't bother now. Wonder how many will be in that boat. Costly no doubt.

  • The craziest thing is that this has happened during the release of an absolutely gorgeous shirt. Talk about wasted opportunities! It would not surprise me if Hummel find themselves on the wrong side of a lawsuit at some point.

  • Wycombe must be getting very annoyed and/or pissed off with them. Starting with a very strong reveal and getting everyone onside with their designs and strong presales to then being a stop/start release to the public, causing miscommunication from the club to their fans. Then the issues with their printing and quality of the shirt causing them to be withdrawn and recalled. Adding on top of this by having no shirts to sell during the Community Day, where the club had the potential to make a fair bit of money with 3 new shirts available. If they aren't careful, they will miss the Christmas window too.

    I hope the club takes on board the ill-feeling surrounding this and offers some incentives to try and make a shocking situation, bearable. A price reduction or buy a shirt and get something else / further discount somewhere.

    It seems as though all of these new and upcoming shirt suppliers have really struggled this season, what's changed? Why are there issues this season but not season's before? Have they taken on too much? Have they cut corners? Have they tried to do something that they don't have experience of? (not Hummel but with Castore)

  • Hummel are an established player on the scene, which makes it even more frustrating.

  • And have they been having this issue with any of the other teams that they supply to?

  • Not sure about quality, but they had supply issues all over the place last season - Bristol City dropped them in January.

  • Thought there was something to do with their UK reseller or supplier going bust a while back and maybe they had suggested it was more sorted than it actually was.

    Don't think we can blame them for the initial delay though as I think the deal was signed quite late and that was all made clear in advance. Not being able to glue a badge on is pretty amateur though.

  • I suspect 99% of people could see that Hummel badge was going to fall off or crack the first time they saw the shirt. How the hell it got through their testing I do not know.

    I took one look at it and thought it won't last.

    They should just laser print it like the sponsors logos.

    If they cannot do that, then I would ditch them for breach of contract and get another supplier in. Shirts are clearly not fit for purpose.

  • Agree. I think it's called "sublimation". Just print it in with the design of the shirt - like, dare I say it....O Neills!

  • I'm no expert in shirt manufacturing or franchising but before we rush to judgement over Hummel, are we certain it's their fault?

    I can imagine a world in which Hummel and others design the shirt then provide those templates to clubs to source their own supplier of replica kit, for either a flat fee or a cut of the profits (or both).

    I can also imagine a world where Wycombe looked for a "cost-effective" supplier who would enable to club to make more profit from shirt sales - but in return delivered the product late and defective.

    I could easily be mistaken here, I have no knowledge of the system. Just wondering.

  • @aloysius that’s a good effort, but not your finest work.

  • I dunno - if my company name is anywhere on a football shirt, I would feel as though I have some kind of responsibility to make sure the quality of the whole clothing enterprise is better than a Dickensian poor house.

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    Yes, I'm guessing partnering with a major brand doesn't involve you basically just being allowed to print their name, whilst you source some market down the Rye to do the production for you🤪

  • The legitimate question is, how far did we go in seeking assurances that whatever caused Bristol City to cancel their deal with Hummel wouldn’t be a problem for us.

    Not far enough, seems to be the answer.

  • They really messed Hashtag United around as well. Bad enough when it's a pro club, but especially poor form to do it to a semi-pro (amateur?) outfit.

  • 'Yeah, thanks for the designs. No. That's fine. Missy is going to knock up a few...they won't notice except for @aloysius ....'

  • I dunno, a club called "Hashtag United" deserve everything they get as far as I'm concerned.

  • I get your skepticism but as far as I can tell, no other clubs have had an issue with Hummel logos peeling off shirts. Do you think they invented an entirely new manufacturing process for Wycombe? Do you think every replica shirt for all the teams they design for around the world comes from the same set of machines in Aarhus?

  • As I said on another thread, there's no problem with the shirts, as long as you hand wash them, and don't shove them in the washing machine. Mine has been worn and washed a few times, even after having beer and vindaloo sauce spilt on it, and it still comes up like new.

    I know Sam Vokes' Hummel badge was coming adrift in a recent game, but that's probably due to all the shirt-pulling by defenders.

  • I've never had a single football shirt that was so poorly made it needed to be washed by hand

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