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Man of the Match - Fleetwood (A)

Just brilliant!

  1. MOTM - Fleetwood (A)?55 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Pattenden
    3. Forino
    4. Low
    5. Leahy
    6. Boyes
    7. Potts
    8. Scowen
    9. Hanlan
    10. Phillips
    11. Taylor
    12. Vokes (sub)
    13. McCleary (sub)
    14. Tafazolli (sub)
    15. Sadlier (sub)
    16. De Barr (sub)


  • Potts absolutely sublime.

  • I’ll go with Potts but I thought if Phillips stayed in the game longer I’d have gone with Phillips

  • Almost any midfielder or forward could make a case today. I went with Taylor not just for the goals, but because he was an absolute livewire. Special mention to Potts, Scowen, Hanlan, Phillips, Stryjek, Low, Forino, Pattenden, Leahy, Boyes, Bloomfield, the Wycombe fans, Phil Catchpole, Matt Cecil and basically anyone connected to the club!

  • Went with Potts who has grown each game & is really starting to show why West Ham rate him so highly.

    Honorable mentions to everyone else you were all superb today

  • Thought Boyes was superb, Taylor and Phillips made the difference, Potts, Scowen excellent as usual. Leahy seems to have it all too, and Forino very good. No doubt others too. Not sure tbh might have a think on the tram back before I vote.

  • What's happened to the 'did not watch' button, so I can see the votes?

  • Potts was outstanding in the first half, but overall I’ve gone for Scowen.

  • At last we could understand how Phillips was voted Young Player of the Season at Shrewsbury earlier this year.

  • I thought a 'view results' button was added, which is why I dropped that option. You don't see one anywhere?

  • Votes Potts but Phillips for not getting sent off when everyone assumed he would be would be a shout.

  • Potts. I’ve said it a couple of times now but he really is a special player at this level.

    We’re very lucky to have him before he moves on to much bigger and better things.

  • Potts - he’s bloody good isn’t he?

  • Sorry @Shev, not looking properly, I now see 'Show Results' at the bottom. I was looking for it in the list of players, seem to remember it used to be there as 'didn't see' or something.

  • Pretty much everyone played well, so it's Dale Taylor for me, for his goals.

  • There can be only one..... Potts for me

  • Some excellent performances yesterday. One of the best games I have seen Hanlon play, I also saw yesterday what many others saw earlier in the season with Taylor. Phillips was tireless and his aggression to win the ball was very well managed. Scowen was Scowen, faultless and Leahy, Low and Forino were excellent across the back. Potts is developing very quickly and on the current trajectory will be some player. Boyes had a good game albeit struggled a little against their pacy winger in the second half who switched sides at halftime after struggling against Forino and particularly Pattendon who I thought had a great game. As a result I’m still struggling to pick my man of the match - how great is that!

  • Agree with all of that @PJS.

    In particular, if Jasper Patttenden maintains/improves his impressive performances at right wing back, I’m not convinced that any of the other occupants of that position have been as “complete” as Jasper and, in this brave new world of giving youth its chance, I think it would go against the grain to replace him with someone who just happened to be more experienced.

  • edited October 2023

    Taylor 7 Vokes 1.

    Yes, very naughty, I know.

  • edited October 2023

    Hee hee !!

  • Didn’t realise Dale Taylor is only 19.

    Prodigious talent.

  • Up 6 Down 7 . Marmite.

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