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Match Day Thread: Fleetwood



  • Hats off to all who have travelled today. Hope you have a pleasant day out by the sea and bring home the points. I shall enjoy from Vipienne.

    As for the badge, not one I like.

  • It's lovely weather in Vipienne today. I can sit here, in the garden, with a few beers straight from the fridge and watch the match.

    Hats off to those who travel, safe journey and hopefully returning with a 3 point haul.

  • Weather a fair bit better than yesterday Oop here, less blowy although it'll still probably piss it down later.

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    So what do we reckon today ?

    I'd like to see Taylor or Sadlier in for Hanlan.

    Also like to see Leahy back in midfield, but if that happens I suppose that could be at the expense of say Hanlan ? With just Vokes and Gmac up front

  • Low has to start which is very harsh on the other 3 central defenders. So either a rest for Keogh or move Leahey further up. On the attacking front we need to mix it up a little somehow. Hanlan or Vokes might need a 'rest'.

  • Not sure starting 2 defensive midfielders and a back 5 is the way to go today but we'll see soon enough

  • Bit baffled by the need to have both Keogh and Tafazolli as subs. Surely unnecessary. Surely Breckin can be trusted with a place on the bench?

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    Vokes, McCleary and Keogh all on the bench.

    Hanlan, Taylor and Phillips up front

    Here's hope Brandon has his one good game in 5 today

  • Hope Joe is fully recovered from his illness - yes, I know he’s been on the bench at least once - but if he had Covid anything like as severely as our daughter did, it will take some time. (I don’t know what he had of course.)

  • Interesting choice up front - guess Vokes needed a rest, also gives us lots of speed out wide.

    Feel for Breckin, not even getting on the bench, but I dont see him week in week out in training...

  • Let’s hope Phillips is a little less manic on this occasion.

  • Does anyone know if JJ is still injured, or just not making the 18?

    Would be a real shame if his (expected) last season is ruined by injury

  • Shall we have a sweep on how long it’ll take for Phillips to get sent off? I’m going for 48 minutes.

  • I’ll go35.

  • Wonder how many times he was sent off at Shrewsbury last season.

  • Must admit it feels ‘brave’ playing him with a card happy ref. Can I have 22 minutes in the sweepstake please

  • I'll go for 27 minutes probably for 2 yellows.

  • Phillips is doing that pointing thing already - where he points at a man but doesnt pick anyone up as though he is exempted from defending

  • Not a great corner from Leahy, far too deep & then we switched off in midfield and at the back almost gifting them a goal

  • I’m liking Phillips so far today.

  • Get in Taylor

  • Liking Taylor too.

  • Bloody buffering ! I missed it

    Get in though !

  • Fleetwood are very poor. Good start from us

  • He really feathered that header in perfectly!

  • Phillips yellow on 42, second on 76

  • Get in Potts - lovely passing footie from the boys there

  • That was an absolutely fucking brilliant goal.

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