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Man of the Match - Carlisle (H)

Some brilliant displays!

  1. Who is your Man of the Match for the game against Carlisle (H)?79 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Pattenden
    3. Keogh
    4. Forino
    5. Leahy
    6. Boyes
    7. Potts
    8. Scowen
    9. McCleary
    10. Hanlan
    11. Vokes
    12. Low (sub)
    13. De Barr (sub)
    14. Sadlier (sub)
    15. Phillips (sub)
    16. Taylor (sub)


  • Potts. Some good candidates today, but Potts looked like a player we will get nostalgic about to the same degree as Eze.

  • Has to be Vokes. A goal and the crucial contribution of getting the keeper sent off.

  • A lot of good candidates today, havnt looked at results yet but for me it's between Vokes and Pattenden

  • I went with Vokes, as he changed the context of the match twice.

  • Pattenden, fantastic full debut, hopefully it won't be his last!

  • Very good from Pattenden today but I went for Scowen, he ran the game.

  • Yes totally agree, some good performances but ultimately he was the quite significant difference in the outcome of the whole match

  • Could easily have picked Potts for a superb display at CM, or Scowen for another "Duracell Bunny" performance, or Vokes for an excellent game up front & excellent goal, or Leahy for another "Napoleon" performance & decent penalty, but felt on balance had to pick young Pattenden for a really assured debut at RWB, he was excellent both going forward & did the hard graft at the back.

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    Pattenden very much getting a gasroom sympathy vote tonight in my opinion. He was good, especially for a league debut, but at least five others had better games.

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    Also very easy to forget that in the 1st half Forino had a header hit the post and had a header saved that was going top corner

  • Went Potts - quality coming through now

  • Pattenden did really well and made a good case for starting at RWB. But nowhere near MOTM. Boyes was probably better on the other side.

  • The Keogh game for me. Showed why Blooms bought him in today but cannot argue with Vokes or Potts votes. Leahy also quietly becoming a fixture.

  • Leahy prevented a certain goal at 0-0 with a really brave dying block.

  • Pattenden for me. Only cos I’m a sentimental bugger. Potts. Vokes. Keogh. Scowen. Take your pick.

  • Ive had time to think about it. Straight away I'd have been tempted to go for Pattenden as he was superb, as on reflection was Potts. But I'm going for Vokes... we really don't appreciate how lucky we are to have him ! His whole game today was brilliant, loads of little flicks, passes etc that people don't always see. Then the sending off and a great take, movement and finish for the 2nd. Second week in a row we didn't look as good after he was taken off.

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    Leahy for decent performance... topped with an absolutely exceptional last ditch challenge in the box.... and a cool calm penalty goal... I'm suprised not as many others have voted the same way as me. I get the high ratings for the ones that have received them.... but for game changing involvements for me its leahey all day long...

    A very very close second for me was vokes for extremely similar reasons....

    But for me leahys last ditch challenge kept us winning the game..... things could have been very different if he hadn't tracked back and made that challenge.

  • I went for Pattenden, somewhat out of sentimentality as others have complained, but the vote’s as much about showing real promise to develop and kick on as anything else.

    All the others mentioned are good shouts - and definitely agree with the Vokes love and that we looked a weaker side when he went off - the hold-up play was just not there.

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    Three strong candidates in Vokes, Pattenden & Leahy but I said Potts at the time and I’ll stick with him now. He controlled the midfield throughout and showed why he’s such an exciting prospect beyond what he’ll do for us this season.

  • Funny thing is, I thought GMac was nailed on for MOTM about halfway through the first half, as he seemed his usual unplayable self...but so many others stepped up too.

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    I wonder when was the last time 8 (eight) players picked up votes in a single match.

    That’s a really great sign.

    Forino, Keyhole and Leaky must be one of the most diverse and best back threes in League One.

  • I can't decide if I like your nick names for Keogh and Leahy, 🤣🤣🤣

  • I thought long and hard for a plausible and vaguely amusing corruption of Forino but to no avail.

  • I think as a general rule of thumb, 'Leaky' is never a good nickname for a defender.

  • Pattenden breaking through is so exciting. It gives us such depth in that position now, which hopefully brings the best out in other players fighting for the place, and means injuries are not an issue.

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