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Ryder Cup thread

Golf isn't everyone's cup of tea so non football golf thread here.

Would be interesting to know what the feeeling is in USA ahead of the Ryder Cup from pond side Chairboys



  • Shout out to Luke Donald and Tyrrell Hatton, Buckinghamshire represented!

  • Indeed. Two very different characters.

    But it is basically Wycombe v USA isn't it?

  • High Wycombe versus the 'so called' 'United States of America'

    Think we've got these

  • Golf just spoils a good walk.

  • It's not for everyone.

    But the Ryder Cup and the Solheim Cup are accidentally the greatest sports format

  • When I say 'it's not for everyone'

    Just a polite way of saying you love sport or you dont

  • Think first tee is 0730 or 8 so set the alarms

  • (outside the FA Cup obviously)

  • Good start so far. Tyrrell looking very relaxed, think he'll thrive in this atmosphere.

  • The Ryder Cup is way more exciting than it has any right to be.

  • Amazing it’s still sponsored by Shaun Ryder. Must be one of the longest running commercial deals?

  • there are probably forums for this kind of sick nonsense on the dark web.

  • I like golf, but only play it occasionally, as I've found the older I've got the more I just start thinking about the clubhouse and a beer afterwards by about the 14th hole.

    The Ryder Cup is the only golf tournament I watch on TV as I do find it a lot more interesting and exciting that the normal ones. Probably because its a team game rather than individual I guess.

  • Great morning session, really amazed that we are 4 up, never been done before by Europe on the first morning when we've played foursomes first.

    It's such a great format because each match can ebb and flow, not only from hole to hole but shot to shot. Just one great shot can turn what looked like a loss into a win in an instant.

    The fourballs are completely different tactically to foursomes and the singles something else.

    Great event, love it!

  • I stopped playing about six years ago. Purely socially. Never assessed for handicap. Really enjoyed it, regardless of how badly I played. Best man, best mate, true friend for nearly 60 years now sadly suffering from advanced Parkinson’s disease.

    Like @HolmerBlue I only watch the Ryder Cup but today I’m finding the loud and loutish elements in the crowd (plus one or two of the seemingly numerous commentators) somewhat irritating.

    Great to see Europe doing so well. Currently.

  • What a great day for the European team, would never have expected that at the start of play today !

  • Rather good wasn't it?

    If you like a challenge...down two fingers of your favourite tipple every time a commentator says 'momemtum'

  • Sounds like you've been playing the game already.


  • LX1LX1
    edited September 2023

    @wwfcblue I would die if I played that game.

    But celebrating a glorious day yes

    I spelt the m word wrong apologies


    If this isn't in the next exciting episode of 'Ringing the Blues' I'm withdrawing my sponsorship @bluntphil

  • Wycombe have defeated the United States of America on a Friday.

  • What a great day. Considering the USA absolutely smashed us over there, to beat them so convincingly today was an absolute joy. Like @micra says, the loutish element of the crowd does pig me off. Why oh why do they have to shout "get in the hole ball"? I know it used to irritate the late great Peter Alliss. A long way to go yet but a bloody good start. The Americans are very good players on the whole and they will come out fighting tomorrow, I doubt they will miss so many putts like they did today so prepare for squeaky bum time!

  • @EwanHoosaami

    remember momentum can swing

  • Is this actually happening? If we beat Carlisle today I'm declaring best weekend in 7 years

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    Another astounding morning of golf.

    9&7 against the Worlds No. 1 with a rookie who’s only just turned professional and Hovlands been on fire too.

  • Which matchplay score would we settle for today at Adams Park?

    I'd take 4&2.

  • edited September 2023

    If that translates into a 4-2 win, yes please.

    Next door neighbour is taking his 6 year old son to his first game of football today. I’m excited about that but disappointed to discover that his dad is a Chelsea fan. He tried to get tickets for a match at Stamford Bridge (don’t know when) but they were sold out.

    His “loss” is Daniel’s gain of course and I hope the bug well and truly bites! 4-2 is the ideal scoreline to bring that about and I think I’ll use it for my Samaritans prediction.

    Support your local club, for goodness sake !!

    PS to be fair, they only moved here from Ruislip three years ago.

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