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Cheltenham game 14th Oct postponed

Another home game off due to international break. Must surely be hitting us financially.



  • Most likely a sub 4000 gate for the rearranged fixture.

    I suggest we try and play it on Saturday December 2nd if we are both out of the FA Cup.

  • This is getting beyond a joke now. How many home games have been re-scheduled in last two seasons.

    They either have to schedule League One games out of these breaks or do soemthing to force the teams to play. Clubs have space for 22 outfield players plus U21s. Appreciate missing three decent players is an issue but people have paid for season tickets on basis of coming on Saturdays.

    I think they need to bring back August Bank Holiday fixture to reduce one international clash.

    This season also finishes on 27th April, so we could have gone at least one week longer if not two to reduce other clashes.

  • Are there more international breaks now, or am i just noticing them more?

  • India v Pakistan in the cricket world cup that day followed by 2 rugby world cup quarter finals

    Could be worse

  • Despite the fact I’m on holiday then, Cheltenham are in such woeful form, we should play!!

    Missing TJ, Low, Philips and Taylor I’m guessing

  • Good weekend for sport. Considering going to Grimsby, as my son only has 11 grounds left to do to complete the 92. They are the only team currently playing he hasn't been to that weekend.

    Was offered chance to go out to Marseille to watch the quarter finals that weekend but just cannot justify the cost! Mates got tickets for both games available. Haven't officially said no yet though 🤣

  • Result! I'm at a wedding that day.

  • I'd calculated how many home games I would be able to make this season. I made a (close) call that a season ticket (I'd held one for 15 years) was no longer a cost effective option, sadly it no longer looks a close call at all.

  • I'm seriously thinking of getting rid of mine for first time since 2000-2001 next season. The move from 8 free games to 4 free games a few seasons ago was one thing and now this compounds it a bit further. The lack of Cup progress in recent times it just doesn't seem to hold too many benefits any longer.

  • If that is the case, the only one we'd really miss is Low. Play it I say, as others have also said, I'm starting to wonder if a season ticket is worth it any more

  • Why would we be aiming to lose out first round FA Cup match?

  • They’ll be about five home games moved for tv next season too!

  • I would wager there are only a handful of ties that would be fully subscribed should we make it far enough in a cup competition to earn ourselves a choice tie. Most Premier sides who could conceivably get the pulse racing sufficient to attract more than a few thousand Chairboys out of their armchairs have grounds big enough and support picky enough to guarantee us accomodation for all. I can only think of Newcastle being a problem, possibly Liverpool/Everton. Scant reason there to get the first in the queue pass that a season ticket offers and if the eventuality arises remainder-of-the-season-tickets becoming available is a likelihood.

  • You've got to give the away team 15% of the stadium capacity if they want it don't you?

    Reckon we'd be fine but always good to see a cup game ticket availability post, especially in September.

  • My season ticket was never cost effective but generally I was only ever £50 quid out over the season, so I wasn't that bothered.

    As we seem to always be at home during international breaks, this has probably topped the £100 mark. And with Sky moving games all over the shop next year for the benefit of all mankind, I know that this is my last as a ST holder.

    There's probably some issue stopping it, but the option to swap your ticket in for a TV pass for the rescheduled match would be a reasonable compensation.

  • At least this gives Cheltenham more time to score against someone else. No-one wants to be the first team to let a Robins' goal in!

  • Does feel like that's 4 or 5 Saturday home games which have had to be postponed between last season and this. As others have said that's not good for ST holders who can't make it to midweek games.

    Fortunately I'm still okay for a midweek game but the club ought to be able to offer the option to commute the ST to a Wanderers TV pass for that game. However, the rules around rearranged Saturday games mean they aren't available to anyone, outside Vipienne, so I can't see it happening.

  • Bizarre. Cheltenham are in absolutely shocking form. There's no telling if that will still be the case by 14 Oct but surely, on balance, we want to play that game rather than delaying it?!?

  • I agree...surely we should be reasonably confident of having a good go at turning them over without our Internationals?

    Who decides these things? Is it the League or do we ask for it?

  • We ask for it.

    Would be funny if Cheltenham asked but for our International call ups!

    There are lots of other things at play to be fair. There used to be a group of 6-8 of us that went regularly plus another 4-6 occasionals. Have been to three home matches so far this season where it's been just me and my son out of the group.

    Add to that he plays football on Saturday mornings instead of Sundays just starts to make you question it.

    This week for example his Cup match kicks off at 1230 in Maidenhead, with parking always an issue and extra time at play we might get there for the start of the first half.

    Non of these things in this post are really the clubs fault but it just adds to the things the club have changed to question your commitment. I normally go to around 35 Wycombe games a season and have done for 20+ years.

    Nothing a few wins won't correct, I'm sure!

  • Ed_Ed_
    edited September 2023

    Personally I would prefer the facility to not exist for League One or League Two outfits at all but since the facility does exist, let it at least be used consistently throughout the season rather than chopping and changing as may be apt at the time. Otherwise it just becomes a tool that some clubs who have access to a larger talent pool to game the system to the detriment of the have-nots.

  • The only good thing with international breaks was that typically being in league 1 or 2 you'd still have a game.

    Now loads of games get called off.

    Surely they need to change the rules and stop counting U21s? Or have some rule you can only get the game called off if all of 3 of the players started the last game etc.

  • edited September 2023

    Takes me back a bit to a few seasons where I had a season ticket, but also played on Saturdays, albeit in a league that didn't have loads of fixtures.

    I always liked it at one point of the season where 2.30s moved back to 2pms, as it gave a bit more scope.

    But I very much remember glaring at my goalkeeper mate as a non driving teen, willing him to hurry up getting changed so he could drop me right by the gates to sometimes only scrape the last 20mins!

    I actually had a situation for the critical Sheff Wed home game a few seasons back.

    I was in London but had the chance to get back to Wycombe for say 4.10pm or so if traffic was ideal and weighed up a burst across town / taxi to get the last 20 or so mins.

    In the end, the idea of having to somehow find a space say a mile away and run in, or ditch the car somewhere (having first to drop a pal off and get a taxi, just made it impossible to arrange.

    So ended up watching on ifollow from a few miles away!

  • The thing is, in our situation I would be fine with playing without Phillips, Taylor or De Barr (though they all have something to offer) simply because we have adequate alternatives. The kicker for me is the thought of playing without Joe Low!

  • Really p*ssed off now. I posted last time as had made plans to come down for the Cambridge game which was postponed - also have made plans to come down for the Cheltenham game. I can’t get to many home games and definitely can’t make evening games but have retained a season ticket (as well as an international Wanderers TV season ticket) on the basis I will get to a few each season but with the repeated international postponements I will need to rethink 😡😡😡

  • It’s a strange decision from the club in a number of ways, Cheltenham’s form couldn’t be any worse and the revenues from the midweek fixture will be considerably lower.

  • Cheltenham Town had five players called up for international duty last month.

    It’s not just our own call-ups that have led to this postponement.

  • Thanks for the info, I wrongly assumed it was just our call.

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