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Attendance Prediction Carlisle U (h) - Sat 30th September 2023 - Match No. 9



  • 6003 with 467 away

  • 5555 including 333 Cumbrians.

  • 4799 with 411

  • About 10 mins to go to the devilish deadline ....

    Reminders which are almost certainly too late for @Commoner , @Erroll_Sims, @ryan_w_kirkby2 and @username123

    33 predictions on record (and I must pay tribute to the imagination that has gone into the predictions - who said data entry couldn't be fun).

    At the moment we say -

    Average for Total Crowd: 5248

    Average for Away Crowd: 308

    All will soon become apparent. Come on you Blues!

  • 5432 with 345 from Carlisle

  • 5,432 wit 345 away please

  • Recognise I am probably too late for this week but threw my tuppence in the ring anyway

  • 5100 with 265 carlisle

  • Been given as 5,499 with 405 Carlisle.

  • Top Twenty for the Total Crowd - [5499]

    Very many congratulations to @Will_i_ams, Forecaster of the Week with a prediction that was only out by a single soul. The closest prediction of the season so far for the total crowd!

    Congratulations also to @micra and @SmiroludyBlue who were out by 56 with the interesting prediction of 5555. Congratulations to @MindlessDrugHoover and @Twizz who were out by 67 with the interesting and popular prediction of 5432. Congratulations and commiserations for @Erroll_Sims and @ryan_w_kirkby2 who shared the same popular prediction but were beyond the one hour before kick off deadline for posts which count in the season long competitionn - sorry chaps.

    Top Twenty for the Away Game:

    Again very many congratulations are due - these for @DJWYC14 who was spot on with a prediction of 405 for the away crowd. If you have the room - take a bow. Also credit to those who travelled from Cumbria.

    Congratulations to @NewburyWanderer, @wwfcblue and @Alexo who were all out by only single figures.

    Mentions for @MFH_Blue, @thecatwwfc and @our_frank who were all within 50.

    Top Twenty for the Home Crowd: [5094]

    Congratulations to @Mandown who was out by only 6 on the calculation for the number of home fans.

    The interesting palindromic and sequential prediction of 5432 total crowd and 345 for the away crowd gave a home crowd prediction of 5087 and @MindlessDrugHoover, @Erroll_Sims and @ryan_w_kirkby2 all being out by just 7.

    @Forest_Blue deserves a mention for a home crowd 'prediction' which was out by just 34.

    I have written again to Charlton to see if they can shed any light on the discrepency between the clubs's published figure and that published by the BBC.

    The Portsmouth attendance prediction thread is live. That match is all ticket, but I can't imagine that we will sell out our allocation of 1000 for a Tuesday night game.

    Happy predicting.

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