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Man of the Match - Charlton (A)


  1. Who is your Man of the Match for the match against Charlton (A)?44 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Leahy
    3. Boyes
    4. Forino
    5. Low
    6. Potts
    7. Scowen
    8. Wheeler
    9. McCleary
    10. Hanlan
    11. Vokes
    12. Phillips (sub)


  • If anyone votes for anyone other than McCleary or Leahy I'm not sure what game you were watching

  • Outstanding stuff from GMac today, an absolute joy to watch. Weird game though, we played really well but the score line suggests otherwise. I think it would have been very different if we had a striker on the pitch, Uche would have had a field day against that defence.

  • Mccleary. I’ve always claimed he was underrated but today he was well above the radar.

  • GMac inches from a goal of the season. Always finding himself in space. Far fitter than a man of his age has any right to be.

  • He was back to his best today wasn’t he. Amazing athlete.

  • I only saw the last 30 minutes so, strictly (ugh!) speaking, I’m not eligible to vote but, from previous comments, it sounds like the brilliance of Gmac wasn’t confined to those 30 minutes so I feel justified in voting for him.

    My Charlton supporting mate always says before our encounters with the Addicks that he hopes McCleary won’t be playing ! I can see why.

    I was impressed with the way we were playing for those 30 minutes. What a gem Luke Leahy is (JJ plus ?) and, for the first time, I could see (in his brief cameo) why Killian Phillips is so highly rated.

    The scoreline does no justice to what looked like one of our best performances this season.

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