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Attendance Prediction Charlton A (a) - Sat 23rd September 2023 - Match No. 8



  • 13500 with 900 Blues

  • 12750 with 777 wycombe

  • Am I too late? No problem if I am and I’m or at the stadium to get inside knowledge but I’ll go 13,013 with 513 unlucky away fans with dodgy blue hummel shirts!

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    13417 with 715 chairpeople please - have been trying to post this since this morning but for some reason wouldn't accept it!

  • Been given as 12,856 with 909 Chairboys.

  • All posts ok on time stamps. Will work out the results on Sunday.

    Very creditable Wycombe support for numbers and noise.

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    Also shown as 12,556 on the BBC and Sky Sports websites, and Football League Paper.

  • I have stated in a rules context that I would use the BBC as the ultimate authority. However my custom and practice has intepreted the rule somewhat. Keen readers and stat-persons may well remember that we went for a Burton last season, six months ago, the BBC gave the attendance as an unlikely 3965 when most actual attendees agreed with the figure published by Burton which was 1000 less.

    Here is a screenshot of my post March 13th on the Burton (a) Attendance thread:

    So with this much less obvious discrepency I will follow custom and practice and email Charlton to ask if they have an explanation for the difference between their figure and the BBC figure.

    Apologies for holding back on publishing outcomes.

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    Good morning/evening.

    Charlton attendance figures are never 100% accurate, we announce on tickets sold and not bums on seats on the day.

    Seemed to be anywhere between 750-900 of you from what I could tell, you can see in my video that I've posted on the match thread

    If you didn't see;

  • Not sure if this helps but on Charlton website: Charlton beat Wycombe 3-1 at The Valley | Charlton Athletic Football Club (

    the figure is quoted as 12856 and 909 away.

  • Did the attendance figure ever get resolved @railwaysteve ?

  • No reply to my email request to Charlton. I will sort out last week's table using the BBC figure.

    I will adjust if I do get a reply.

  • I have sent Charlton another e-mail asking again an explanation of the discrepency. I don't want to do an adjustment if I can help it. If I haven't heard on Tuesday it will be the BBC figure and maybe a restatement of the rules next season.

  • As above, the Charlton website has published the attendance as 12856 with 909 away.

  • Perhaps the fairest (or least un-fair) should there be two differing attendance figures from reputable sources is to split the difference for the purposes of this game?

    Definition of compromise “an agreement where no party is satisfied with the outcome”🙄

  • I had a standard 'we are dealing with your email' reply from Charlton today.

  • Much as don't wish to undermine faith in our national treasure, it does appear that the BBC have misreported the attendance at a Wycombe away game for the second time in less than a year.

    Charlton have confirmed definitively this afternoon that 12856 is the figure that they officially reported. Expect a series of posts about various matches and their sequential effects on the 'Tour de Season'. However I don't trust myself to accurately steer a spreadsheet and watch the match this evening.

    Thanks to everyone for patience.

  • Thanks to all for patience. No particular thanks to the BBC. Official attendance confirmed by Charlton as 12856 with 909 fine Wanderers.

    Top Twenty for the Charlton Game Total Crowd:

    Many congratulations to @a40, who recreated last season's form with the closest prediction of the week - out by just 26 with a prediction of 12830. Congratulations also to @DJWYC14, @peterparrotface and @onlooker who were all within a hundred. Lots of forecasts within the 100 - 160 range which will all register on the Tour de Season.

    Top Twenty for the Away Crowd:

    Many congratulations to @Will_i_ams, out by only 9 with the nicely rounded prediction of 900. Congratulations also to @thecatwwfc, @DevC, @DJWYC14, @Erroll_Sims, @Twizz and @robin who were all within fifty.

    Top Twenty for the (calculated) Home attendance:

    The official number of Addicks was just a shade short of 12,000 with 11,947.

    Congratulations to @peterparrotface who was closest by small margin. @Commoner. @DJWYC14, @a40, @MFH_Blue, @Onlooker and @williwycombe were all within a hundred of the correct number

    Other updates on their way .....

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