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Bucks Championship Final underway



  • I know it's not as simple as winning the toss, an act of pure luck, as you still have to take advantage of the conditions in your favour. However, for me it's why cricket is far less enjoyable than football where winning the toss makes almost no difference to the outcome of the game.

  • @Twizz Except when we’re kicking towards the Gasworks End in the second-half!!!

  • A team has already upset our rhythm this season, by making us kick towards the home end in the first half. The toss also matters when there is a strong wind blowing down the pitch.

  • I think strong winds are Kryptonite for Wycombe. We always seem to play poorly and lose.

  • After his maiden century in the final, Bucks batter Aadi Sharma has captained Northants 2nd XI aged just 17. I wonder if he will get picked for the Firsts in one of their final two matches, they are adrift at the bottom of Division One.

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