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  • Just when you think the FIFA corruption couldn't get worse they bring another skeleton out of the closet. I knew it was bad but this is beyond a joke unbelievable

  • @Morris_Ital I Believe there is a lot, lot worse to come. FIFA is a septic pustule, now that the head has burst, an eruption of stinking grunge is going to hit the fanfare years to come. My guess is by the time it creeps it's way back up Blatters' trouser leg and a court case is a must, he will be deemed to have a rapid onset of alzheimer's and not fit for trial! Resting in the exclusive "Hotel du Bribe" in abject luxury until he takes his last breath.

  • No doubt it will all get sorted out like the MPS expenses scandal and the excesses of the Banks bad debts, criminal money laundering and LIBOR rigging were. Then we can get on to paedophiles in high places....

  • You're both right. Although when the trial starts Warners defence attorney has a job to get him off looking at that bank statement with the 10 million going in at the top and his personal loans and credit cards coming out .

  • I've always thought that it would be Warner that would bring Blatter down and it looks like that will be the case. But not, I suspect, on a plea bargain, which is what I thought at the start of all this; I don't think the FBI will go for that with him, he's too big a catch in his own right. It's just that too much will come out in his defence to implicate Blatter. I'm also not sure that the US courts will be as ready to accept the "Saunders defence" as the UK courts have been.

  • Ditto @Wendoverman; question is who will take over? Or will there arise a star of transpanency whisping us towards a "Fan Owned Fifa"... Ahhh man can dream of honest politicians in the main stream!

  • At least that new FIFA film might be a success and bring in a few quid for the sport...oh.

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