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Man of the Match season standings (5/46)

So far, the MOTM standings have been dominated by three players - Low, Leahy and Scowen:

Overall votes:

  1. Low - 127
  2. Scowen - 48
  3. Leahy - 34
  4. Boyes - 16
  5. Vokes - 16

Votes per start:

  1. Low - 42.33
  2. Scowen - 12
  3. Leahy - 11.33
  4. Boyes - 4
  5. Vokes - 4

MOTM awards:

  1. Scowen - 2
  2. Low - 2
  3. Leahy - 1

Low has gotten off to an absolute flier, and should be relevant in the race for the long run. I do think Leahy will hang in there too, as central midfield is the heart of so much, and I expect to start seeing goals from him soon.

However, Scowen will not go quietly into the night. His calling card is his consistency (usually garnering votes every single match) as well as the ability to scoop 8-9 awards outright per season.

Should be a fun one, but I expect the top three to remain these three, unless Forino can stay healthy the whole season and join the fray.


  • 42 votes per start appears to be stratospheric, how does that compare to five games in last season?

  • The leader at the same stage last season (Scowen) had 13 votes per start, which would be a very strong total spread out over a season. Low will have to come back to earth to some degree, but this has been an astounding purple patch - all the more as it signifies his first ever three league starts for us too!

  • Good signs if Max doesn’t need to figure too much.

  • It was a good sign that the Burton ‘keeper was their Man of the Match against us and even more significant that they drew on Saturday with high fliers (but faltering) Bolton.

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