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Man of the Match - Bristol Rovers (A)

Brilliant display from all.

  1. Who is your Man of the Match for Bristol Rovers (A)69 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Low
    3. Forino
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Boyes
    6. Vincent-Young
    7. Scowen
    8. Leahy
    9. Phillips
    10. Vokes
    11. Taylor
    12. McCleary (sub)
    13. Hanlan (sub)
    14. McCarthy (sub)
    15. Keogh (sub)
    16. Potts (sub)


  • Incredible performance from Low. Forino and Scowen both superb too. If Low’s showing hadn’t been so next-level though, I could have happily given it to Hanlan who caused more problems in his tiny cameo than Vokes and Taylor combined.

  • Difficult to see past Low for me being a rock at the back plus the goal, but great performances all round I would say (I was typing the names out but then I realised I was naming pretty much everyone, so...).

    Hanlan though - blimey - can he get booed on every week? Played like he had an absolute rocket up his arse, even won a header!

  • I second the comments on Hanlan - amazing cameo! I went with Low though.

  • May I be uncharacteristically “picky” @Shev ?

    Could you say “Who was your Man of the Match against …..” rather than ‘for’ ? I nearly voted for their goalkeeper.

    Seriously, it had to be Low but there were heroes all over the pitch and the concern about losing two of them to injury was softened by the superb cameos from Hanlan and Keogh.

  • I did not see but went for Low just because we did not see him coming and if he keeps popping up with goals we might have a decent season. Until QPR come in for him, of course.

  • It was meant in the spirit of 'Who is your man of the match for the fixture versus Ye Olde Rovers of Bristol?" I will make sure I am clearer in future, though!

  • ‘Against’ does it.

  • @micra just read the entire sentence. The (A) at the end signifies “away” - “Who is your Man of the Match against Bristol Rovers (A)” makes no sense at all.

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    Next week I'll give the date, latitude and longitude of the ground, full lineups and tell @micra which team we are voting for, to make sure it is not confusing to only see Wycombe names on the ballot! 🙂

  • I travel away for days like today. Absolutely loved it. Old school Wycombe. Joe low motm without doubt; even if he didn’t score

  • Must be said, although Low was clearly MOM, Leahy was also outstanding. Emptied the tank today and unlucky with that stunning volley, gets an assist too.

  • Max, Boyes, Low, Forino, Taf (1st half), Scowen, Leahy, Hanlan (2nd half), Phillips were all superb. Vokes, Taylor, KVY, GMac, Keogh were all better than average.

    First half the defensive balance was superb

    Low was the stand out player today.

  • Low.

    Forino was also excellent until the late incident that really should have been a penalty.

  • Dominant MOTM wins with high percentages of the vote are quite rare, and yet Joe Low is set to have two in his first three starts.

    What a start this lad has had!

  • I went for Low, but Leahy was also outstanding, a hard worker and a real leader. Wouldn't be surprised to see him get the captain's armband for some games.

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    Low has also already garnered enough votes to place him 10th out of 29 for the entirety of last season!

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    Ignore this, photo's probably too big 😞

  • Joe Low is the next Alfie Mawson.

  • I don’t want to vote for the MOTM for Bristol Rovers. That was my point. Disappointing to be harangued by totally misplaced sarcasm.

    Especially from someone I’ve always liked and respected.

  • I was going for playful teasing. My apologies, @micra - you know I love you, mate! You are a pillar of the forum.

  • Caught me at a bad time, I guess.

    Feel bad now about having questioned your lineup for the Sutton match.

    whoops, I see you’ve responded!

    night night young man.

    ill have a gander before I turn in

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    All the best, @micra!

  • Final mind-blowing statistic of the day - here are the best three game vote streaks since I started doing the MOTM (start of 21-22). Some players would be on here more than once if all streaks were included, so just giving each personal best:

    1. Joe Low - 118 (and counting - all votes may not be in yet).
    2. Anis Mehmeti - 98
    3. Josh Scowen - 96
    4. David Wheeler - 84
    5. Brandon Hanlan - 83
    6. Joe Jacobson - 77
    7. Garath McCleary - 75
    8. Chris Forino - 74
    9. Lewis Wing - 70
    10. Alfie Mawson - 63
    11. Sam Vokes - 60
    12. Max Stryjek - 55
  • And he’s a talented ventriloquist too

  • If Low gets called up the the Welsh squad, I see no reason why he won't seeing as he was in the last one anyway, and the fact he's had a great start to the season. Is there a chance we could end up missing him for a few games, as (I might be wrong) don't you need 2 or 3 missing to be able to call games off because of international duty ?

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