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Jack Young leaves on loan

To Ayr United. I honestly thought he'd already gone.


  • Wasn't going to make the first team, so I suppose it's a good move, 🤷‍♂️.

  • Best of luck to him. Looked in great form pre season. Hopefully he'll push on and come back ready for our 1st team.

  • Good luck to him. Can't help but wonder if the long term contract has been a bit of an albatross around his neck. Hopefully he'll get plenty of playing time and be a real contender in the second half of the season.

  • Good luck Jack! I am sure it will be a relief to get on the pitch. Good luck to Ayr too!

  • It's interesting that the only central midfielder who competed against Bloomfield for playing time that still remains in the squad now is Josh Scowen.

  • Why is that interesting?

  • We've seen how Matt wants a very different style of midfield to Ainsworth, one confident at receiving the short pass, playing neat triangles and moving the ball through the thirds rather than over them. By changing all the personnel it suggests Matt wasn't confident the players could adapt to his system. He would've known the central midfielders better than any other set of players, after all.

    I was forgetting Wheeler though, who may well slot perfectly into Matt's system when he returns from injury.

  • Jack is on the bench today, along with Ollie Pendlebury, as the Honest Men host Dundee United.

  • Jack Young on for Ayr.

  • Ayr United v Partick Thistle live on BBC Scotland tonight (and via iPlayer). Might watch a bit to see how Jack’s doing.

  • The Ayr fans are quite impressed by what they've seen of Jack so far.

    Sadly, Ollie Pendlebury, who was also with Ayr, had his contract terminated by mutual consent when he asked to be released a few weeks ago having failed to settle up there.

  • I watched a bit of the Ayr game last night, interspersed with the Southampton v Leicester game.

    Ayr didn’t really deserve to lose 0-4 at home but that sort of result often happens when you’re struggling. Ayr were certainly nowhere near as bad as Southampton were.

    Jack was largely good. As we’ve seen in brief glimpses of him he was always keen to get on the ball and rarely gave it away. Like a young Michael Simpson. There’s certainly something to work with there.

    However, he was partially to blame for both the second and third goals having not closed a shooting player down sufficiently for the former and then allowing the same player to skip past him too easily for the latter.

    All part of the learning experience.

  • Watched the lot on IPlayer @ stupid o'clock this morning. Generally concur with @Theatre_of_Chairs regarding Jack Young. I felt he was a bit of a headless chicken though, possibly because he was desperate to impress. Whilst I agree that he rarely gave the ball away, he never really gave that killer pass that Ayr needed though that could be because nobody was making the run?

    The lad Chalmers impressed me with his ball carrying skills and appeared to ghost past defenders, (very much like Garath McCleary), however the big let down was that he couldn't finish, which maybe why he is playing at the level he is?

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