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23 / 24 Season Attendance Prediction Competition

The competition is basically the same as last season. At the end of the season the winner will be the person with the lowest score which will be the average of the best ten forecasts that they have made.

The lower your score the better - it means you have been closer to the actual attendances.

Scores this week are the average of the best two forecasts that each player has made for the four games up to this point.

The 'Best' column has the amount by which your closest prediction so far missed the actual attendance and the PB Match has the game when this happened.

The 'Second Best' column has the amount by which your second best prediction so far missed the actual attendance. This column will always contain the score which you number to improve in the next match to improve your overall score. It will change progressively over the next twenty games, after that point it will remain the 10th best.

This is one week when everyone can easily check the spreadsheet is working correctly - the total of best and second best divided by two should be your score!

The presentation will change a little as the games progress (better headings and colour!), but the basic format will stay the same.

After the Burton home game:

Many congratulations to @Onlooker - both counting predictions within 100 - fine work!

Those with only a single prediction are @floyd, @our_frank, @Bulman22 and @williwycombe - they will appear on the next Leaderboard with a prediction for the Bristol Rovers game.

The highest placed forecaster with just the two predictions so far is @A_Worboys.

Happy predicting to all for the Bristol Rovers game. As always all welcome to give it a go.



  • Great work @railwaysteve as always. Many thanks really enjoy this competition!

  • After the Bristol Rovers Game:

    There were lots of good scores on the first of our recent away wins on a Saturday. In particular by @micra who recorded the largest leap up the table in my memory.

    Congratulations to @Will_i_ams - top of an early Leaderboard is no mean feat, as is a sub fifty average score.

    Our away game prediction appears to be vastly better than our home game forecasts, with 27 of individuals best prediction being for an away game.

    I will leave those at the top to glory in their position until at least tomorrow, when I will be able to post the update from the crowd figures at Northampton. (I can't help thinking about how the majority of those there must have felt as they left the game.)

    Competition machanics:

    After Game 6 the Leaderboard will include 3 predicitions in the average which makes up the "Score" column for each player. In other words either your number in the 3rd best column or your score for the Northampton game, whichever is lower, will be included into the your 'best 3 average'.

    If you only have 2 predictions so far, then it will be Northampton game score.

    Only two forecasters have only a single prediction - @Bulman22 and @floyd

  • After the Northampton Game:

    Many congratulations to @Onlooker who is fulfilling the promise of last season's late form and regains the top of the table early this season.

    @Will_i_ams and @Shev stay in touch. @thecatwwfc and @Wendoverman join the leading handful.

    Two factors drive the changes this game. On the sixth game the number of games used to calculate the scoring average changed from two to three. That is the biggest effect - on the predictions from the Northampton game alone the only change in the top ten would have been @bookertease joining that elite group due to his good score in that game. Congratulations to all those who now have the Northampton game as a personal best prediction - @bookertease, @DevC, @MindlessDrugHoover, @our_frank and @LDF - all of whom did move up the table, mostly with major leaps.

    There is a mention for early consistency for @Glenactico in 6th - all three scores that make up the average of 143 are in the range 100 to 200 - which is not true of anybody else.

    At this stage anything can change quickly. With regard to this two Gasroomers deserve a special mention.

    @mwite is currently 9th with a comparatively hefty 3rd best prediction score of 369 [in the Exeter game]. A spot on prediction for the home game against Blackpool will mean replacing that 369 in the 3 game average by zero, which would reduce the 3 game average and so the running Score by a fortutious 123. @mwite has a current score of 187 - 123 less would be 64 and very possibly a place at or near the top of the table.

    @micra has dropped to 17th this week, due to another hefty 3rd best score of 514 [Orient home]. If. for the Blackpool game, he were to equal his current best game score of 6 [Bristol Rovers away] his would be reduced by 169ish to give him a sub 50 score and a likely place at the top or near the top of the Leaderboard.

    There are two ties in the Leaderboard this week. At 10th place @bookertease and myself have the same score and 15th place is shared by @Alexo and @robin.

    Game Mechanics:

    The average of the best three predicitions will still constitute your score after the Blackpool so the next set of changes may not be so dramatic.

    @williwycombe has two predictions and will re-enter the main Leaderboard with a prediction for the Blackpool game.

    @floyd [I trust all is ok] and @username123 [Likewise I hope all is ok] have one prediction each and could re-enter the Leaderboard with predictions for the next three games.

    Happy predicting.

  • After the fine Blackpool Game:

    This week is a really good illustration of the fun to be had at the beginning of the season. Forecaster of the Weel @Commoner is up from 28th to 8th with an uncommonly huge leap. Blackpool (h) now a personal best. @NewburyWanderer who shares Blackpool (h) as a personal best has made the leap from 27th to 14th. It is moves like this which give us all hope.

    @Shev joins the select bunch, which now has five, with sub 100 averages. There is a challenge there because at the moment all five stand to lose that status at the Charlton game, when everyone's 4th best score will count.

    @DevC and @DJWYC14 were the other two to make major impressions in the table. Although @Manboobs made modest progress. Careful students of the vagaries of this competition will note that this is some small reward for being very close to the actual home gate against Blackpool. If he had been as close with the members of the Citrus Community a much greater impression would have resulted.

    A gentle reminder to @our_frank and @username123 that they need to make a prediction for Charlton away in order not to slip down into the misty area below.

    Game Mechanics:

    4th best scores will count after the 8th set of predictions for the crowd at the Charlton away game. The lowest 4th score at the moment belongs to @Wendoverman in 5th place. If all predictions miss by miles then it will be very close for the lead at the top of the table.

    Margins will be fine for sure. At the moment the group between @mwite in 10th [Score 187] and @NewburyWanderer in 14th [Score 189] are only separated by a difference of a total of 6 actual attendees predicted over the 3 counting games so far. That whole group includes myself (as well as @bookertease and @A_Worboys ) and therefore I feel somewhat obliged to share the slightly privileged information that @railwaybeth and I already have our tickets for Charlton - our first match of the season.

  • Delayed result from the Charlton Away Game:

    @Onlooker remained in pole position - with a lead that approximated to nearly 3 points. @thecatwwfc took up 2nd position and @Wendoverman moved into 3rd. Congratulations to those on the podium.

    The situation was complex with a large number of close scores and 4th best predictions counting for the first time. It is worth noting that at this early stage of the season @Onlooker is the only one to have a sub 100 average and all four of the four best scores are below 100.

    Three big movers in the top ten - @A40 who was Forecaster of the Week for the Charlton game (up from 23rd to 6th) - @DJWYC14 with the next closest prediction for the Valley (up from 17th to 8th) and @robin (up from 20th to 9th) with a solid Charlton prediction and three other good scores. All three have their Charlton (a) prediction as their personal best so far.

    Other big movers were @MFH_Blue (up from 25th to 13th), @Manboobs (up from 27th to 15th), @Twizz (up from 28th to 22nd ) and @peterparrotface (up from 35th to 29th.) also with a personal best prediction so far.

    Maybe this is just random chance or maybe our home game attendances have been more unpredictable than usual - but nine of the top ten on the Leaderboard have away games for their best prediction so far.

    The thread for predicting the Fleetwood away game is up. The outcomes from the Carlilse (h) and Portsmouth (a) games are on their way. Best 4 predictions will count for the Carlilse game Leaderboard and Best 5 for the Portsmouth and Fleetwood games.

    It is @railwaybeth's birthday on the 7th and I go away on holiday on the 9th - advance apologies if this makes further delays.

  • Happy birthday @railwaybeth and have a lovely holiday @railwaysteve

  • After the Carlisle home game:

    I finally posted the Charlton away game outcomes Friday evening so it maybe worthwhile to take a look if anyone hasn't peeped for a while.

    Also I said in that post that @Onlooker had a lead of 'nearly 3 points' at the top of the Leaderboard. I am glad I said "nearly". @Will_i_ams produced the best prediction so far this season and moves up from 4th place. So double congratulation to @Will_i_ams for Carlilse game.

    @SmiroludyBlue is now hot on the heels of the top five.

    @micra showed just what is possible at this stage of the season with a leap from 31st to 10th. I think another fantastic prediction puts him in reach of 3rd.

    Congatulations are in order for @MindlessDrugHoover and @Twizz who now like @Will_i_ams have Carlilse at home as their best prediction of the season so far.

    Congratulations also to @mwite and @Forest_Blue who like @MindlessDrugHoover moved up five or more places on the Leaderboard.

    I forgot to change the "Score to beat" column to show the "5th best" as the Portsmouth game is Match 10 when each persons 5th best scores will be counting for the first time. I will not bother to redo the tables and screenshots because that game has already happened and that column offers no guidance at all on this occasion! However I do wish a replay of the last minute of the game was possible. I hope that all makes sense.

  • After the Portsmouth away game:

    The game was a sickener and tne crowd was big. However in the realm of predicting the size of the crowd not everything was ill starred.

    Many congratulations are due to @Onlooker who regained the place at the top of the Leaderboard, with a score of 50 - second best equal for the match.

    Congratulations to @williwycombe who had the closest prediction of the match and in consequence lifted well clear of the bottom, with a new personal best.

    Congratulations to the other two forecasters who tied for 2nd on the night, thery were @Commoner - up from 7th to 4th and @mwite, up from 16th to 6th. Both just missed improving their personal best.

    Congratulations to @thecatwwfc, who did record a new personal best, gained a sub one hundred score and retained 3rd place.

    Congratulations to @Twizzm whowas another substantial mover, up from 18th to 8th.

    Final congratulations to sharp mover @PJS and to @ryan_w_kirkby2 who between them complete the quartet of those to record a new personal best in this difficult to forecast game.

  • After the Fleetwood Away win:

    Many congratualtions to @Will_i_ams who takes back the lead at the top. It is very close.

    This Leaderboard has been checked and triple checked because @Onlooker and @Will_i_ams had identical scores of 96 for the Fleetwood game yet they changed places at the top. It does all check out.

    The answer is in the consistency of @Onlooker's best 5 scores - they all lay between 41 and 94 - which were 41, 50, 76, 76 and 94 giving an average of 67.4. In contrast @Will_i_ams's five best scores were far more spread out - namely 1, 43, 49, 131and 200 - average 84.8 Both forecasters brought a new 96 to the Fleetwood Party. 96 replaced 200 for @Will_i_ams reducing that average to 64.0. 96 was a new 6th best score for @Onlooker so that average stayed at 67.4.

    However, as it appropriate for a sort of points per game event, it is Peterborough game which is our 12th game and the number of games which count increases from five to six. So, unless they improve on them, @Onlooker's 96 will be counted in next time and so again will @Will_i_ams's 200. It follows that, if you do exclude the well likely possiblity of close predictions by either of them, or both of them, they will definitely change places again on the next Leaderboard.

    The game gains a little more stability when we reach our 20th game, when the number of predictions which count towards the Score reaches ten and stays at that number for the rest of the season.

    Respect to anyone who read through that lot.

    Also congratulations to @Onlooker for having six sub 100 predictions in the first eleven games.

    Moving on to the rest of the table....

    Congratulations to @a40 for the seven place leap up the table. Congratulations also to @wwfcblue for a twelve place leap up the table. Further congratulations to @Forest_Blue, @ryan_w_kirkby2 and @peterparrotface for smaller but significant table climbing.

    @LDF needs both congratulations and commiserations. Personal best prediction, best prediction of the match by a good distance, recording the second best prediction of the season so far but no significant move up the table. Mostly due to the fact that all those immediately above him also all scored well - congratulations also due to @Erroll_Sims and @perfidious_albion for new personal bests.

    Good luck to all with the Peterborough game predictions.

  • Thanks @railwaysteve, kept me reading right to the very end! 😀

  • @railwaysteve really interesting analysis and striking parallels with the PPG coup of 2020. Thanks for all the time you put into the competition and reports.

  • After the Peterborough Away Game:

    Many congratulations to @Will_i_ams for retaining top spot against the odds when both the Posh game and the 6th best predictions are counted in. The (joint) second best prediction of the match did just enough to hold off the challenge of @Onlooker. The pair of them have the rough equivalent of three points lead over @thecatwwfc with others a point or more further behind.

    Many congratulations to @ryan_w_kirkby2, closest prediction of the match, only forecaster to acquire Peterborough away as a personal best and an eight place leap up the table.

    Congratulations also to @robin, @Forest_Blue and @williwycombe for their leaps up the table.

    As it stands at the moment, a spot on prediction will improve your Score by one sixth of your sixth best score - the one shown the column headed 'Score to beat to improve - '. So picking out some of those who would gain most, if @Wendoverman, @wwfcblue or @Alexo hit the correct attendance for the Bolton game, or anywhere in single digits, their score is reduced by at least 100. If @LDF reproduces Fleetwood away form, he drops a cool 180 or thereabouts.

    Good to the team and all forecasters for the Bolton game and the Oxford game.

  • After the Bolton home game:

    Congratulations to the hot two at the top - @Will_i_ams and @Onlooker who managed to retain clear water at the top of the table despite neither, on this rare occasion, registering a scoring score for this game.

    Congratulations to @Commoner who moves into 3rd place with the 3rd best prediction of the match (after @micra and @williwycombe).

    Congratulations to @micra, Forecaster of the Week and the man with forecasting in his blood, who takes a giant leap into the top ten and ends at 5th.

    Congratulations to @ryan_w_kirkby2 who also takes a giant leap into the top ten.

    Talking top ten - there is currently exactly one predicted football supporter, Wanderer or otherwise, between @A_Worboys in 9th and @ryan_w_kirkby2 in 10th, seperated as they are by 0.16 [1/6th] on the scoresheet.

    Congratulations to @williwycombe, whose 2nd best prediction of the week results in a thirteen place flyer into 15th place. Congratulations also to @Wendoverman who takes a 5 place move into the top half of the table.Congratulations to @Mandown who also moves up 5 places.

    Congratulations for both @PJS and @Erroll_Sims who both recorded their best scores of the season so far, the only two to do so this match. A special mention for @PJS, who has a remarkably consistent set of best 7 scores - they range between 210 and 431. I had to check to see why a personal best score resulting in dropping one place in the table, the reason being the leaps by @Mandown and @williwycombe from places below you.

    There is a 'Looking Forward' section after the Leaderboard.

    Looking forward:

    As Oxford away is the 14th game of the season, everyone's 7th best predictions will count towards the average on the next Leaderboard. Assuming that absolutely nobody records a close prediction here are some examples of what would happen:

    • @ryan_w_kirkby2 and @A_Worboys woud swap places and be separated by 0.43 [3/7ths] on the Leaderboard.
    • They both would be overtaken by @SmiroludyBlue who has a lower still 7th best score, she would also overtake @a40 to reach 8th.
    • In another crowded part of the table, (at the bottom of the top half and the top of the bottom half), @mooneyman would make it well into the top half, reaching above @mwite but not actually passing anyone with a 7th best score which is 400 or less.
    • @PJS's comparatively low 7th best score will at least gain him back the place he lost this game as some sort of recompense for this game's outcome.

    However I am sure that the nature of the Oxford game will have everyone on their very best form and there will be heaps of close predictions, I believe that there is some information already out there about ticket sales and plenty of time before the 2pm Saturday. Low 7th best scores offer the best chance of an improvement if everybody misses by miles, but for everyone who beats their 7th best score, it is how close to the actual attendance that you acheive that matters.

    Good luck to all and Happy Halloween Prophecies.

  • Excellent work as always @railwaysteve

  • After the Oxford Away Game:

    Many congratulations to @Will_i_ams who remains at the top and extends the lead slightly. @Onlooker and @Commoner stay in place in 2nd and 3rd.

    Because of the high number of close predictions this game and everyone's 7th best scores counting for the first time only two other forecasters kept their places in the table.

    @micra and @thecatwwfc swopped 4th and 5th places. Congratulations to @micra and to the trio @robin, @Wendoverman and @Forest_Blue who all recorded personal bests with the Oxford game and swept into 6th, 7th and 8th places respectively. Congratulations also to @DJWYC14 who returns to the top ten with a six place move up the table.

    It looks to me like 'goal difference' between all those in 6th to 10th places. Indeed the whole of the middle of the Leaderboard is crowded with maybe '3 points' between 6th and 27th.

    Congratulations due to @bookertease, @MindlessDrugHoover and @PJS who also all recorded the Oxford away game as a new personal best.

    On to the Cambridge home game. Lets hope for more rational referring. Good luck and happy predicting to all.

  • After the Cambridge Home Game:

    Many congratulations to @Onlooker who has taken back the place at the top, but only just! There is only a total of 14 predicted persons difference between @Onlooker and @Will_i_ams.

    The 8th best predictions count for the first time this season after the Stevenage game. @Commoner has closed the gap to the top a little and it does look like both @Commoner and @micra have the possibility of going at least neck and neck with the leaders if their gods are favourable to them alone.

    It is already neck and neck in the chasing bunch - there are only a total of just 4 predicted persons separating @williwycombe in 7th, @robin in 8th and and @Forest_Blue in 9th.

    In the other bunched area of the Leaderboard (scores between 170 and 185) congratulations are due to @bookertease, @A_Worboys, @Glenactico and @DevC who all moved up at least five places and who all now find themselves in the top half of the table rather than the other part.

    Congratulations also to @Manboobs who also took a large step upwards and is now leading the other part of the table.

    Many congratulations to @Erroll_Sims who was Forecaster of the Fortnight and now has Cambridge United (h) as a personal best prediction for the season so far. A repeat for the Stevenage game could find a place comfortably in the top half of the table.

    Finally, I did look at the personal best predictions of the season so far - the order goes @Will_i_ams (2nd in the overall competition, @LDF (currently holding up the entire table in the overall competiton), then a tie between @micra (4th) and @Shev (currently 11th) followed by @Erroll_Sims (27th) and that completes the list for all those with single figure best predictions.

    I should add that I myself am the current holder of the worst 'best prediction' so far, I have yet to get closer than 137 so far this season.

  • We salute your commitment in running the competition @railwaysteve (@railwaybeth when needed). It's truly a competition where it's not the winning but the taking part that counts.

  • Top work, @railwaysteve and @railwaybeth. “Still a long way to go” but I’m pleased with my recent work. Famous last words…

  • After Stevenage at Our Place:

    Many congratulations again to @Onlooker who keeps top spot with near enough the same margin from @Will_i_ams - they both recorded the same score from the Stevenage 'game'.

    Congratulations to @Will_i_ams for keeping 2nd place.

    Congratulations to @Commoner for narrowing the gap between 3rd and the top two and for obtaining a sub 100 score.

    Congratulations to @Forest_Blue for the five place jump into 4th and to the top of the chasing bunch. Congratulations to@a40 also for a five place jump from 15th into the top ten.

    Congratulations to @mwite and myself for making jumps from the lower part of the Leaderboard into the top part. It shows how close the middle of the whole Leaderboard is at the moment.

    A mention for @wwfcblue, @peterparrotface and myself who all now have a game I am sure we would all rather forget as our personal best prediction.

  • I could be wrong but i think my average should be under 200 at 194.04

  • edited November 2023

    @wwfcblue - I could be wrong too. The formula in your column for calculating the average looks ok and the result doesn't change if I refresh it. A transcription error on my part is possible. I have you best eight predictions down as

    36 - Stevenage (h) Match 16

    46 - Fleetwood (a) Match 11

    105 - Bristol R (a) Match 5

    226 - Exeter (h) Match 1

    294 - Orient (h) Match 3

    301 - Carlilse (h) Match 9

    321 - Cambridge (h) Match 15

    585 - Bolton (h) Match 13

    I have done a quick check and the average seems right for those eight. I might have missed a prediction of yours - I have you down as making 12 - I don't have you down for one for the Charlton, Portsmouth, Peterborough or Oxford away games, I think you made a post on the Peterborough thread but no prediction. Let me know on here or by private message what you think.

    Best wishes, Steve.

  • After the Reading at home Game:

    Lots of people had close predictions and a fair few (myself included) were far enough away to not register a score in their best eight so far. The consequence is that there have been some large movements - especially in the crowded zone in the middle.

    The top five all remain in the same places. Congratulations to @Onlooker and @Will_i_ams for holding onto the top two spots despite not registering a scoring score. Congratulations to @Commoner on keeping 3rd place and registering a new 9th best score which therefore hasn't counted this time but could do after the Barnsley game. Behind the top three, @Forest_Blue (83), @robin (38) and @thecatwwfc (65) all registered good scoring scores this week and have closed the gap to the top.

    This week I have done the maths and @Commoner is within reach of the top when 9th best scores count for the first time and @Forest_Blue, if results are perfect, would just miss out by a whisker.

    There were a trio who now have Reading (h) as a personal best prediction, led by @Manboobs Forecaster of the Week they all moved up the Leaderboard at least 5 positions. Double congratulations to @Manboobs, @Wendoverman (I can't see what was wrong with his prediction this week) and @NewburyWanderer.

    Congratulations also for big moves up the table to @DevC, @Glenactico, @PJS, @wwfcblue and @our_frank.

    The whole thing is close - in football terms there are about 8 or 9 points between @Wendoverman now in 10th and @Mandown in 33rd.

    Happy predicting for the Barnsley game.

  • After the Barnsley Away Game:

    Many congratulations to @Will_i_ams who retakes the revolving lead at the top of the Leaderboard. As one of the three who recorded the third best score of the match - (34), @Will_i_ams doesn't quite have clear water from @Onlooker and @Forest_Blue who was also one of the three with (34).

    There is now a bunch of three on the shoulder of @Will_i_ams, the period when @Onlooker and @Will_i_ams had the lead to themselves may have run its course.

    Congratulations to @Wendoverman who had the second best score of the Barnsley game (21), his own best score of the season so far, and in consequence jumped from 10th to 6th in the table.

    Further congratulations to @ryan_w_kirkby2, Forecaster of the Week for the Barnsley game (13 scored), and one who makes a leap from 16th to 9th on the Leaderboard. He also recorded a personal best of the season so far.

    Congratulations finally to @mwite, the third of the trio scoring 34, the third of the trio recording a new personal best and one of only two to leap up the table by 5 or more places.

    The closest parts of the table are now 8th (@DJWYC14) to 11th (@bookertease ) separated by around 50 tpp {total predicted people), plus 18th to 21st (@Manboobs to @micra) separated by around 30 tpp.

    I reckon that everyone @A_Worboys and above is within reach of the top part of the table in a single game and nearly everyone could make that move within two games.

    The Shrewsbury match is Game 19 so it will still be the nine best predictions that will count for each Forecaster. However this will be the final game for which this will be the case, from then onwards until the end of the season it will be the ten best which count and the competition should settle.

    Happy predicting to all for the numbers watching us against Shrewsbury.

  • I’ll take a top-half finish.

  • After the Shrewsbury Home Game:

    The top four remain unchanged. Many congratulations to @Will_i_ams for extending the lead, and that now looks like a 4 point lead going into the next game. Congratulations to @Onlooker, @Forest_Blue and @Commoner for holding their places despite a charge up the Leaderboard by @Shev. Congratulations to @Shev up from 10th to 5th place.

    Nobody made Shrewsbury home their personal best, but good scores by @ryan_w_kirkby2 (119) and @Manboobs (107) moved them up the top half of the table. A score of 238 combined with a discard (previous 9th best score) of 585 was enough to leap @wwfcblue into the top part of the table.

    @micra, @SmiroludyBlue, @perfidious_albion and @Twizz in 22nd to 25th place are only separated by a total of 12 total predicted persons.

    Congratulations to @LDF who left the bottom of the Leaderboard this week, with a score of 87.

    10th Best Scores:

    10th Best Scores count for the first time as Derby away is our 20th game of the season. For the whole of the rest otf the season it remains the 10 best scores which go to make up each persons **Score**. The whole middle of the Leaderboard has tightened I think that @Will_i_ams is the only player assured of retaining their place.

    Happy predicting to all.

  • After the Derby Away last minute joy:

    @MindlessDrugHoover Many congratulations to @Will_i_ams who does retain the position at the top of the table. This was the last occasion on which an additional prediction is added into the pot from which the score is calculated. For the rest of the season it is the ten best scores which count towards your average. From now on your score can only improve and will do so whenever you better your 10th best prediction.

    Three people already with averages under 100. Congratulations to both @Onlooker and @Commoner who were joint Forecasters of the Week for the Derby game, now occupy 2nd and 3rd places and co-incidentally the only two to make personal best predictions for the match with the happy ending.

    Congratulations to @Shev and @ryan_w_kirkby2 who moved up into 4th and 5th places respectively and together with @Forest_Blue form a tight group who are all within reach of a sub 100 average in a single match. A mention also for @a40 who made a decisive move into the top ten.

    Congratulations to @Twizz and @MindlessDrugHoover who both made leaps into the upper part of the table.

    @Mandown made a noteworthy move up the lower part of the table and @SmiroludyBlue moved up without making a prediction. This should be the last match where that can happen.

  • edited December 2023

    After the Derby game - an update

    Last night I had a very kind personal message from one of the Gasroom forecasters who had spotted a mistake in the Derby Leaderboard. Their Score was correct but the figure in the 10th best column was actually their 9th best prediction so far. Great credit to the individual for spotting it.

    I am bound to make the odd mistake and I very much appreciate it if someone spots something they think might be a mistake and points it out. I this case I reckon I must have only partially dragged an altered formula over a column of cells,

    I reckon the only ones affected were @Commoner, @a40, @bookertease, @A_Worboys, @BSE, @Alexo and @LDF. The 10th best column now properly shows their 10th best rather than their 9th best. Actual scores were unaffected and all Leaderboard positions remain the same.

  • edited December 2023

    After the Port Vale heartbreak ending:

    Many congratulations to @Will_i_ams for holding onto top spot.

    The table is now more stable because it is now stays as each person's best ten forecasts which average to give the score. Scores can no longer increase and the maximum a score can decrease by is a 10th of the each person's 10th best score. For example @Onlooker can catch @Will_i_ams in a single match - the best possible reduction in score for a perfect prediction would be 26.8 which would give a new score of 61.1.

    Congratulations to @Onlooker and @Commoner for holding their places in 2nd and 3rd and also for now already possessing sub 100 scores for the season.

    Many congratulations to @wwfcblue - Forecaster of the Week for this game and the only person to move up 5 or more places - in this case it was ten! Also @wwfcblue was the only forecaster to gain Port Vale (h) as a new personal best prediction.

    Congratulations to @robin for a smart move up to 4th, only 'goal difference' separates 4th to 7th.

    Congratulations to @Wendoverman - back into the top ten for the first time since the Shrewsbury game.

    'Goal difference' between the top half and the other half of the Leaderboard between 19th to 24th. Indeed there are two places in the table where forecasters where are only separated by a single person in their total predicted persons [TPP] - myself in 19th and @PJS in 20th and also @MFH_Blue in 30th and @Erroll_Sims in 31st.

    The Exeter heartbreak game is also done and the results need incorporating into this Leaderboard. I hope to do that this morning.

    Please don't forget to predict for this evening's game at Orient - the deadline for that to count will be 18:45.

  • After the Exeter Away Boxing Day Game:

    Many congratulations to @Will_i_ams who holds the top position for the 6th match in a row. Congratulations to @Onlooker, @Commoner and @robin who maintained their positions too in the next 3 slots. @ryan_w_kirkby2 and @Shev swapped places and 4th to 7th remains a 'goal difference' zone.

    Many congratulations to @A_Worboys who was Forecaster of the Week for the match with just 8 as a score, resulting in a leap up the table from 32nd to 26th and was the only person to gain a new personal best score for the season. Congratulations also to @MindlessDrugHoover [121] who also moved up 6 places from 17th to 11th and to @DevC [93] who jumped from 22nd to 17th.

    The almost a tie between myself and @PJS remains. The virtual [TPP] tie between @Erroll_Sims and @MFH_Blue has gone because @Erroll_Sims improved his overall **Score** by 32.2 with a match score of 132. However that almost tie has been replaced by another - @MindlessDrugHoover in 11th and @DJWYC14 in 12th are now only have a single perdicted person difference over the whole season so far.

    Please don't forget to make a prediction for the Orient game tonight. The deadline will be 18:45.

  • Big thanks @railwaysteve for all your hard work here !

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