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Sutton United - F A Stand and family stand closures

The whys and wherefores of this subject have been discussed elsewhere.

just curious to know how many people are not attending the Sutton game, purely because of the stand closures and no other reason


  • I will be attending as I'm a glutton for punishment, but I don't like moving one bit.

  • Wife and I have season tickets in the Frank Adams Stand. We like the elevated view watching how patterns of play evolve, positioning of players, off ball runs etc etc. we will not be attending the Sutton game despite the tickets being reasonably priced. We understand that closing our stand is a sensible decision by the club considering the the prediction of a low attendance making the opening of the stand a income loser. Whilst accepting the situation it does not mean we are happy with the situation.

  • @davebevan , as a season ticket holder, I completely agree with your comments re: the best view from the FA stand.

    I can't make Tuesday night games due to other commitments, but even if that wasn't so, I very much doubt that I would attend the Sutton game in the main stand or the terrace.

  • Frank Adams season ticket holders - we are attending and would prefer not to have moved stands but can live with it.

  • I realise this is obviously a highly contentious issue but

    a)do we need two threads on this?

    b) will there be chips?

  • a) No we don't

    b) Very unlikely

    I believe it falls to the forum moderator, a self-confessed bell-end apparently, to combine threads where necessary.

  • Appreciate there are two threads on this. That’s why I said what I said at the top of this one

    it was merely to find out how many people are not coming because of the policy, so I felt a separate thread was desirable, especially as the first one went a little off subject

    unable to comment on the chips issue, however

  • I'll be going, but not my other half.

    Although I'm not convinced that closing the FA is the right decision, I do actually look forward to changing viewpoints for minor Cup games.

    Added bonus being that if it's a nice evening, I can stand on the railings in front of the 'Main' stand (unless my view is blocked by those supersized dugouts - don't think I've put this viewpoint to the test since they've been installed).

  • I'm only going if there are fireworks!

  • It feels like we have this thread every season.

    An occasional change in view certainly isn't the end of the world. However soulless games feel when stands aren't open.

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