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  • Thanks for that. I note the inclusion of the historic results against the Newport team which failed to complete the GMVC season. My view is that the current club is a new club, and that the historic record is a record of games against teams from Newport. I would apply the test of failing to complete the season, as the key one. The exception in any such debate on successor clubs would obviously be AFC Wimbledon whose history must be acknowledged because somebody tried to steal it. What do others think?

  • Encouraging to see we're 253 points better off than last season. Promotion form, surely?

  • @Bladric Well Middlesbrough are called Middlesbrough 1986. They were wound up in 86 if you remember. Had to play opening game at Hartlepool. But nobody mentions them. But its a new club. So what's in a name? county added that part back some years ago now. For me its the same club.

  • @M3G - I'm sure Eddie, Tattlers et al will have enjoyed that little misspelling!

  • @M3G - I did actually think of Middlesboro -I think in those days administration as happens now wasn't an option but in my view the key is completing the season. Its really a point of historic accuracy. After all as a football enthusiast you will be only too aware of the number of occasions, clubs are referred to as former league clubs when the new teams are very distinct entities from any predecessors.

  • @ReadingMarginalista said:
    M3G - I'm sure Eddie, Tattlers et al will have enjoyed that little misspelling!

    Ha ha never noticed. But yes I know them well. I know Baldric from our train days aswell!

  • Itching for Saturday. Hotel booked "check", tickets sorted "check", just hoping my bet comes thru when I put a cheaky fiver on a 2 nil win against Newport County. Hopefully another cheque :)

  • Looks like Sandell is out having picked up too many cards. Their record is worse than ours of late so hopefully we can have a repeat of the season opener. Although did I hear something about Murphy being out today? We desperately need Hayes back but Murphy out also would be a big hit. Also get Woody out on the wing getting crosses in.....

  • Not forgetting Minshull out with concussion and Wilmott and influencing wing back/midfielder limped off with a possible ankle niggle, may not be available. Let's take the game to them, squeeze them at the back. Love a few goals as this is a perfect game to take the spoils.

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