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Man of the Match - Burton (H)

Frustrating, but the gelling is still gradually more and more apparent.

  1. Who is your Man of the Match for Burton (H)?56 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Grimmer
    3. Low
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Vincent-Young
    6. Boyes
    7. Scowen
    8. Potts
    9. Leahy
    10. Taylor
    11. Vokes
    12. McCleary (sub)
    13. Hanlan (sub)
    14. Keogh (sub)
    15. Forino (sub)
    16. Phillips (sub)


  • We could start a new prediction competition - "When Will Vokes Ever Score Again" - though I don't know how we'd separate all the never votes.

  • Difficult choice this week as I dont think anyone really stamped their authority on the game, though quite a few put in above average performances overall.

    I went for Scowen, but I felt Vokes, Boyes, Low, Potts, Leahy & Grimmer all put in a good shift & there were decent cameos from GMac, Forino & Phillips.

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    The Bloomfield style (a kind of total football in which players, especially the back three - apart from Keogh - seem to have license to stray from their formal positions) seems to make singling out individuals more difficult than under the previous regime. It seems much more of a team game.

    On balance, because, as usual, he covered every blade of grass (and continued to show unbelievable energy and commitment when others were flagging) I’m voting for Josh.

  • Scowen masterclass in the first half and looked the least naive of our players in the second. Low had a good showing but have to caveat that with the notion that Burton’s forwards are rubbish for L1 standard and they’ve only scored one goal (a 94th min consolation) in four games. Take nothing away from Scowen though. Not suffered whatsoever in Matt’s change to the system and his role (now further forward and wider).

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    Low & Scowen did OK. Some moments good from Boyes also but that’s about it.

    The subs did well but not enough to justify a MOTM vote.

    Another disappointing performance and result. Started so well too.

  • You abstaining @BlueBoy ?

  • I went for Low but he and Josh will be neck and neck this year, I reckon.

  • By the way, when Scowen leaves the club there is a very high chance that I rename the MOTM award as the Josh Scowen Memorial Award. At the very least, the season long vote total will be named that!

  • I went for Low. Really liking what I’ve seen from him so far.

  • Same here. We have looked so much better both ways with him in the side.

  • I went Josh, but Low was a very close second. Can't quite believe he's ours.

  • Of course he was!

    I’m finding him incredibly frustrating lately - all the flick-ons and good hold up play means nothing if it doesn’t create chances. Half this forum absolutely slated Horgan for two years for contributing exactly as much as Vokes is lately.

  • Joe Low. Looks very comfortable on the ball and not afraid to take it out from the back at he feet. I’m expecting a “Mawson at Luton” goal from him this season.

  • Very much in the same mould as Forino. Even better perhaps. Hands off, GA !!

  • Vokes for me, I’m not as pessimistic as some especially the people in the Facebook group. I feel we’re a work in progress and it is actually quite fortunate that Matt has a little time to continue ironing out those wrinkles.

  • Surprised you say this, as in our good spell in the first half he was winning every header and they couldn't handle him.

    The system feels a bit of a stinker, as we're hoping the wingbacks, who are usually deep in their own half are going to provide the crosses.

    Or that our deep three centre mids might somehow slot one through.

  • He won a lot of headers, but to almost no effect. I like Vokes and I really want to see it click for him again, but at the moment it feels to me like he's playing his own game up there regardless of what his teammates are doing or where they are. I'm sure it is going to click again at some point, but it's been a long time since he was regularly scoring or assisting. Given all the slating Hanlan gets, he carried the ball into the box more times in his tiny cameo yesterday than Vokes did all game [1]. His flash shot from out wide yesterday was superb though. More of that please.

    [1] Based on the failing memory of an ageing man. Fact check required.

  • We're certainly not set up to maximise Vokes, but then we could argue we haven't been the last season or so.

    I think we've a number of issues, such as oddly deciding 3 at the back is the way forward and not getting wingbacks high enough often enough.

    Then you have the combo of Potts, Scowen and Leahy.

    You could probably get away with them together if you move to a 4 at the back, as long as you have two flying wide attackers.

    But without them, and the wingbacks not providing enough, it's asking a lot.

    Still...early days, go again Saturday etc.

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    Looks like Scowen is about to win his 19th Man of the Match award in the past two seasons (plus four games). That includes spells out with injuries. All other issues apart, I remain lost in absolute amazement at how consistently brilliant he is. The fact that some Sunderland fans called him their "worst ever player" while in this same division provides a nice little contrast between happy players at well run clubs and unhappy players at dumpster fires.

    I do think this season may shape up as a three horse race between Scowen, Leahy and Low (with Taylor my dark horse if he gets firing) but no matter what happens, it is a privilege to have Sir Josh of Scowenshire in our colours!

  • Pretty much everyone plays 3 at the back these days. I can see what Blooms is trying to do with it (back two when in possession, three when the opposition has it) and if the players can get the hang of who goes forward and when I think it could be a winner. KVY has been getting some criticism for his defending, but so far it's mostly been the RCB that pushes up when in possession which means he's exposed to a quick turn over - sort out who is supposed to be covering that position in that situation and we could start looking pretty solid at the back. Personally I'd rather see the RCB take up RB and allow KVY to get further up the pitch, and same on the other side with Boyes.

  • 50-50for back 3 v 4, I'd say having a scroll down fotmob. And I believe our resident statsman @ReturnToSenda confirmed the other day.

  • Yeah, but if you watch most of the 4 at the back teams they'll have an extra who drops back in when out of possession, and if you watch us, you'll see we're mostly 4 at the back when in possession. Everything is fluid these days.

  • In fairness, that was only guesswork from me

  • Disappointed.

    I'd assumed you'd actually analysed every team in the top 4 divisions at least.

    Or for your usual thoroughness, been using @Hopping_Wanderer 's tracker down to level 10 for a deeper analysis.

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