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Catering At AP

Not really grabbed too many headlines but I must say the improvement in the catering at AP is really noticeable. And the queues reflect.

Pies are excellent and appropriately priced. Chips are plentiful. Hot dogs fully loaded (I am told) are first rate.

Finally got this right and I hope the figures reflect.


  • It seems good, although not all stands have the same offering as far as I can see?

  • Very easy to point out things that are bad, so it's always good when someone gives credit for things that are working well.

  • Everyone keeps talking about chips!

    There we’re none on the terrace pre-season and none in the Family Stand so far.

    Is this just an elaborate windup?

  • Chips in the FA for £3.00. Burger sauce optional.

  • Had a Balti pie the other night, very nice it was too.

  • Chips in the FA were very good. Pie was decent too. Staff well organised too.

  • Yowsers! Someone is going to have to start a trade smuggling them down to the Family Stand.

  • Anecdotally the sales must be improving as everyone around me was munching on one food or another Tuesday evening. At 8 quid a pie last season it was a rare sight to see someone chomping on one previously.

  • Food offering looks good well done all those involved.

  • Came straight from work on Tuesday so went chips and a hotdog. Decent portion of the former and the latter was reasonable. Crispy onions are some sort of dried affair not fresh cooked and the sausage is not the highest quality but plenty of jalapeños on it and the roll was soft.

    Service was much better.

    So far so good

  • Can strongly recommend the nachos.

    Nice chilli topping and comes with dollops of salsa, sour cream and guacamole

  • I had a sausage in a roll and they charged me £7 . Day light robbery if you ask me.

  • No arrests in the name of the law, please.

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