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Insight from Taff's Youtube Videos

Taff uploaded a video yesterday evening documenting the team's first day back for pre-season.

Interestingly (although possibly now unsurprising given his performance against Wealdstone), Jack Young looks to do well in the pre-season running test hitting 1260m in 5 minutes running back and forth between two poles 50m apart. For context, the best in the squad was said to be 1280m (although who it was wasn't mentioned).

Looks as if the squad were doing plenty of other fitness tests in the gym throughout the day too and there's a clip of Taff chatting to an absolutely knackered-looking Jack Grimmer. It's been mentioned on here before but it's quite possible Matty's pre-season has taken a step up in intensity from that of Gaz. Might this be a partial factor into the number of injuries we're already seeing within the squad?


  • @PukkaPie there was a period under Gaz when the Gasroom cry was 'What are they doing in training? Why so many soft tissue injuries?' so I assume it's a common thing whoever is in charge.

  • @Wendoverman you're right, it's the nature of any pre-season that injuries will arise with players' fitness levels at their lowest. It was only last season when we started Wheeler at RB in a back 4 with Grimmer at CB for our first game against Burton. Think we already had injuries to both Forino and McCarthy and likely a couple of others.

    It is possible, though, that Matt and Michael Amoah making changes to the club's fitness assessment methods could come as a surprise to some players, especially those who've been around for a few years and had got used to a typical pre-season under Gaz and Dave Wates. Not that this should be any reason for a greater number of injuries as these sort of things are planned meticulously by the coaching staff to minimise injury-risk!

  • Another insight was the kitman discussion that a Hummel 'XL' is a real 'XL', not the compression stocking 'XL' of 'Neills!

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    One of the insights I have been interested in from his vids is some of the more tech aspects - typically the Whoop app he uses. With a background working in the data centre industry I’m very aware how much “big data” is entering every facet of our lives and how that’s used in a sporting context to improve performance.

    The club have talked about using data when scouting players but I am sure there is (or can be) huge gains in fitness and injury monitoring of players and there recovery periods that it seems this Whoop system try’s to help in.

    In the recent phone in I asked a question about what the club has in place to monitor the squad fitness to avoid the injures we had at the start of last year, as I think this app is in place on an individual basis rather than as a squad must have. I was hoping to hear some details on the sports science field on how we are working to maximise player availability through more modern data driven techniques.

    maybe there’s something for @bluntphil to do a piece in for WTV. But then I might be the only one that watches that, as I am a massive geek.

  • I think Whoop is a bit of a pyramid scheme really. Tafa’s making some money on the side already through his “pro-gram” and preseason fitness e-guides. He’s toned down the whoop advertising, so I imagine it’s not been as profitable for him. Still find the videos incredibly insightful. Great that Jack Young is so fit because it seems like we’ll need him at the beginning of the season.

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    Tbh, I was convinced that he had shares in it if I’m honest. But that is just one example of wearable tech that gives information to the user. It’s going to be a huge industry in the coming years.

    You already see it for people with diabetes with wearable tech/implants that monitor sugar levels constantly. There’s also Zoe which (apparently) does similar with gut health and what diet does to an individuals body. Although the accuracy of Zoe is very debatable.

    Whereas Whoop is just one step further than an Iwatch and the health app imho , you can be sure wearable implants and tech which monitor a growing number of body functions and statistics isn’t far away in sports (or health services in general) to make sure teams Athletes are in top top condition, because marginal gains win matches.

    Our players, as most teams do now, all where gps devices in training and matches to monitor all movements, sprints, miles run etc. I’m interested to see how far down the rabbit hole we’ve looked into it as a club, because I can see it being the next revolution in player fitness (if not ongoing already)

  • And there will be some on here demanding to know what the results are for every player

  • Is there an app that measures turning circles and / or fragility?

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    Taff is both mobile and robust and has very, very good teeth.

  • Whoop is the new Herbalife

  • Taff confirms in his recent video that he suffered an ankle injury at Bristol Rovers that has only kept him off the grass for 2 and a half weeks so should hopefully see him back in the squad soon.

    Grimmer also seen walking freely which is good to see so quickly given he was on crutches not that long ago. Presumably still remains a long term injury though.

  • Low, Leahey, Forino is my favoured central 3. Grimmer would be fighting for a place when he's fit in that lot. And Keogh is a more thatn competent addition to any of those combinations. Taff simply does not play enough to take up a position that it is so important for 3 players to have an understanding that builds by playing together. I guess he is due back soon to ensure he meets his 50% of the season quota.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub come and join me on the naughty step for criticising Taff, we can sit and discuss how little we understand about central defending. Apparently🙄

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    I think once Taff is fit, Leahy will be moved further up the field.

    And Grimmer was top class towards the end of last season. He was a nailed on starter.

    We have a very good squad if all fit.

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