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The Padded Seat paid a visit

The Padded Seat is a Youtube channel that tries out hospitality packages at various football grounds in the UK and other countries. They were at Wycombe a while ago and seemed to like it. Maybe you'll see yourself in the video?


  • Yep, I’m there. The Woodlands (hospitality) Lounge RIP, two great seasons, all good things must come to an end.

    Cue old timers bemoaning the good old days of a lukewarm cuppa and a custard cream at half time in its pervious incarnation!

  • I've watched quite a few of his videos. Most enjoyable they are.

  • So have I.. some of them look really good value as well. I really like some of the lower league or non league ones. Also some of the lower league Scottish ones.

  • It was certainly very different before the magnificent and very costly reconfiguration but not nearly as bleak as your tongue in cheek (custard cream consuming) comment suggests !

    Pre-match we were offered basic pub food but nothing remotely approaching the haute cuisine on display here. Tables and chairs. That was it but it was a place for us older supporters to relax and chat for an hour or two in warmth and relative comfort following early arrival in Hillbottom Road (made necessary in order to ensure a parking space within reasonable stumbling distance of the stadium).

    The decision to gentrify the Woodland Lounge was clearly a sensible business decision but, for me (and I suspect a good few others), it was the beginning of the end of more than a quarter of a century of enjoying the matchday experience at Adams Park.

  • I’m sorry to hear that changes to the Woodlans impacted on your match day so much @micra. As you observe I was being somewhat tongue in cheek (other biscuits are available). That the product offering for next season has been refined once more, in what will now be The Legends Lounge, for next season would suggest that the Woodlands Lounge was not making the profit anticipated in last seasons format. It is to the clubs credit though that they seek to innovate where possible to ‘sweat the assets’ in order to generate profit that can be reinvested into squad and infrastructure. Sadly with any such endeavours there will be winners and losers, harsh commercial reality.

  • I'm watching this very hungry, but those food options look amazing!

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