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Chas's quick Wednesday quiz



  • edited June 2023

    Is the answer linked to the "new kit announcement" thread? I'm wondering if it has something to do with the number of opponents that season who play in predominantly green kits ... Yeovil, Hendon, Leatherhead, Bognor and Aylesbury.

  • Matches with penalties scored by Wycombe?

  • Was it occasions when HW got caught in a weird time warp and matches that were supposed to kick off at 1715 still hadn’t done so by 1845?

  • Close Mr Cyclops.

    The answer was that in 1986/87 season our final game in each Cup competition ended against a team playing in green and white.

    Fa cup lost to VS Rugby

    Trophy lost to Leatherhead

    Gmac cup lost to Yeovil

    Ac Delco cup lost to Yeovil

    B&B beat Aylesbury in the final.

    The 8 on the trot started by losing to Aylesbury in B&B final in 85/86

    And ended losing to Bognor in the Dylon Shield in 87/88 and the Aylesbury in the FA Cup in Oct.

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