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Battle of the Badges - Semi Final 1

It's an all Championship semi!

I am going to let the final QF between Wrexham and Liverpool run until tomorrow as it is close. Winner takes on Palace in the second semi.

Battle of the Badges - Semi Final Vote
  1. Who has the better badge?54 votes
    1. Coventry City
    2. Blackburn Rovers


  • It's a tight one.

  • i genuinely can’t see anything to particularly like in the Coventry badge.

    This competition has shown that (for me) a decent badge:

    MUST have the year the club was formed on it


    SHOULD have a meaningless Latin motto on it

  • Honestly three of the four semi finalists seem a bit meh to me.

  • The Coventry name scroll looks a little er over scrolled .

  • edited June 2023

    Which is the one you like?

    My theory (as I have said before) is that the winner may not be anyone's favourite, but just the highest average. In other words, if we all ranked our 92, the winner would average in the top 10-15 on most lists.

    My favourite three - Blackpool, Luton and Plymouth - did not even make it out of the groups. Wolves would probably be the 4th in my semis, and they also fell in the groups.

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