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Name That Ground 2023 (9)

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  • Maine Road?

  • Maine Road

  • I'm 99.9% sure it's Maine Road - those curved corner stands are a giveaway.

  • Maine Road?

  • I'm going out on a limb here. Is it Maine Road?

    Someone remind me, did we ever get beaten there?

  • As the team with surely the best league record against the European champions, surely that makes us the best team in the world, or the universe?

  • Correct everyone!

  • I went up to Maine road for a league cup game. We lost 4-0. I have no recollection of the date. I am sure Mr. Google can be of assistance. Sorry to be lacking detail. I remember the roads around the ground were all Corination Street style off the soap. Went into a off licence. No access to the shelves as they were contained within plastic walls. Had to go to the serving counter at the end of the walkway and ask for what you wanted. At the end of game got onto the bus and left. I recall feeling I was in bandit country. Glad to have left in one piece.

  • In addition to my previous comment the date of the game was 5/10/95.

  • Wasn't that the game when John Williams got dogs abuse having only just signed for us a couple of weeks previously?

  • The main memory I have of that game is that I think Man City were so comfortable they bought on a goalkeeper as a sub to play outfield. I may be wrong but can definitely remember I believed it at the time.

    Also agree it felt slightly more uncomfortable parking up and walking to the ground than the likes of St Albans

  • We hit the inside of the post when it was 0-0.

    I vaguely remember a chippy just outside Maine Rd, that was surrounding by wire caging, with a small hatch that you paid and received your grub from.

  • Yes, goalkeeper Martyn Margetson came on in the 85th minute and played up front. He has been an England national team coach since 2016.

  • The old Maine Road ground was in Moss Side, hence the fortifications!

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    Think Kinkladze played and set up a goal at 1.03mins on the link, looks blurry but looks like Cousins, Patterson and Hyde in the picture

  • My mate got a sharp Moss Side elbow to the face on our way out of the ground after our league victory there.

  • My mate had a portion of chips thrown at him on the way out, but the bloke missed and basically wasted his chips and got an absolute “oooooohh!! Moooodeeey” piss taking! Amusement peaked when another Wycombe fan shouted out to him “don’t worry mate there’s a chip on your shoulder!” 😂.

    What a day out that was, stayed up the weekend, Curry Mile then beers in town that night.

  • The win in 99 was the only time I remember being ‘locked in’ watching Wycombe away after the game.

    What a day! Loved seeing the reminders of it on our Twitter account after City did the double.

    What a ground too - even if it could be debatable if we were watching from inside the ground that day!

  • As a Student in the 1980s I lived on the street opposite the Kippax stand...matchdays were interesting to say the least.

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