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FIFA & Blatter an alternative perspective

To get a different viewpoint on the FIFA/Blatter 'scandal' from that of the general UK media listen to 30 May BBC World Football phone in. Imo often the most entertaining and informative phone in. This week particularly interesting to get the views from an African and South American based journalist. Please have a listen.


  • Thanks for that. Some very good points, specifically with regard to the fact that no one from Europe was willing to stand against Blatter. It's hard to believe that without Blatter we'd have had World Cups in South Africa or South Korea/Japan so it's no wonder he gets support from Africa and Asia. I'm not quite so convinced about the Qatar decision mind!

  • Although Blatter didn't vote for Qatar. He is the corrupt head of a corrupt organisation but those opposing him are hardly whiter than white, and Greg Dyke is a thundering great arse.

  • There is only one perspective about how much FIFA cares for anyone outside of their own self-interest.

    62 deaths per game. That is going to take some watching.

    Coupled with that the EXTRAORDINARY piece of news coming from Russia last week that legislation has been passed to allow for prison labour to be used in the building of facilities for their World Cup. Uncle Joe would have been very proud indeed.

  • And yet that arrogant arse Richard Keys has claimed that there have been no fatalities during the building work...

  • It's not the first time the Beautiful Game has been played out in front of despots, but it is harder now at least for people to pretend they did not know what was going on!

  • @StrongestTeam said:
    Amazing how they all now have dossiers full of evidence of corruption that they said didn't exist last week. Clean em all out and start again

    Agreed I remember the hoops they made England jump through during the bidding stage knowing we had no chance .

  • They were all millionaires lining the pockets of other millionaires, all with skeletons in their own closets that prevented them from getting too involved in 'rooting out corruption (a little bit like the European Parliament)...but unfortunately the fat bloke who bought a second million dollar apartment FOR HIS CATS while not paying Uncle Sam any tax has upset the apple cart and the FBI soon had him singing like a canary. The US don't mind murder and corruption as long as you fill in your IRS forms properly.

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