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  • Other than destroying the pitch a bit, I don't see the problem. Sounds good to me.

    Obviously I'd rather OUR youth team play there but don't see how this is negative.

  • Better than Rugby being played on our pitch I suppose,and will earn some money.

  • I would prefer that we were the only source of professional sport in the area and no other league sides name be connected with AP. But I'm pragmatic so if the offer was attractive maybe with a loan or two..

  • You never know, there might be a possibility of a few quality Reading U21 loanees making/joining our squad in short or medium aggreements?

  • They give us Nick Arnold and this is how they repay us?!

  • May give us first choice on any of their young stars who are ready to be loaned out for first team football.

  • Sounds like the lesser of quite a few evils that could be using the ground.

  • Looks like a very good move to me. Much better than having that rugby lot dominate our world.

  • We seem to have a good relationship with Brentford and linking up strategically with Reading could have positive benefits for us too. Not only does the day-to-day communications between the 2 clubs improve the likelihood of attracting more loan options may increase. Also this allows the club to be able to see U21 talent (from both clubs on matchday) that may not make the grade in the championship / PL right our doorstep! Wonder how much revenue this would bring in?

  • Hopefully any players they do loan to us will be a major improvement on the last dud they farmed out to us!

  • Nathan Tyson and Scott Golbourne weren't bad though!

  • Sounds sound.

  • Have now read the item referred to above. It seems that there are 22 U21 Premier League games per season - so 11 home, SOME of which will be played at Adams Park, subject to ratification by the relevant authorities of the proposals. The impact on the new pitch (if properly maintained) should therefore be minimal and I have little doubt that the present regime would handle the financial side very much better than their predecessors.

  • It is all about 'sweating the assets' - we need money, we have a pitch that would only have been played on every 14 days - not great commerce for a business that needs revenue. So well done again to a Chairman who is really sorting us out.

  • If the pitch won't be affected and we get favourable terms on loan signings from their academy, this could work out quite nicely for us. Even so, it made me feel a bit sick that the Berkshire berks were going to be using our hallowed turf as a 'home' ground!

  • I don't mind who uses our pitch if it brings in money for the club but it must be only another football team not rugby or we'll haveb the same problems with the pitch again. The chairman for me is saying and doing the right things regarding bringing more money into the club.

  • The other advantage is we GA will also be able to see not only the Reading Under 21 team but those of the club's they will be playing at our ground. Pretty useful platform that.

  • @Blue_since_1990, like the way you are thinking, awesome way to keep an eye on talented young footballers.

  • Sounds like an excellent idea to me. Getting paid and a first look at young players. A good move.

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