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Battle of the Badges - Group H

Today's group, which to my mind is the Group of Death.

Battle of the Badges - Group H Vote
  1. Who has the best badge in Group H?48 votes
    1. Blackpool
    2. Sheffield Wednesday
    3. Stockport County
    4. Blackburn Rovers


  • I'll say right now I am gutted these all drew the same group!

  • I just love Blackburn's

  • LX1LX1
    edited May 31

    Not the GOD for me but yeah very strong. Think Blackburn will walk it though

    Latin motto, iconic clean emblem, history.

  • Sheffield Weds and Blackburn might be my top two overall.

  • So do Blackburn get away with the roundel because they carefully placed it in a tray?

  • If ever I start a football club I will have a Latin motto which says something random like 'Strength in Blueberries' to see if anyone notices.

  • Or a snooker/pool triangle

  • Is the white thing in the sea in Blackpools a product of the disgraceful sewage system?

  • I didn't think Snowy the owl could be bettered, but I'm finding myself drawn to Blackburn's. It's a nice touch they've made, putting it in a tray, to stop it rolling away.

  • It looks like they have no chance of winning, but Blackpool have one of my three favourite badges of the whole 92. If you take kit colours plus badge, they are one of the best clubs from a sartorial point of view. Of course, if you take colours only, that honour belongs to the quarters of Wycombe!

    Honourable mention to Stockport too - as somewhat generic roundels go, theirs is pretty decent.

  • Rarely dislike any image of foxes or owls so was sorry to see Leicester lose but surely we can’t lose Wednesday too especially for such a dull badge in Blackburn’s

  • If the owl wasn’t drawn by a ten year old.

  • I wonder how scissorface owl would have fared?

  • I just love the owl’s eyes (top one). It has a definite @LX1 vibe to it.

    best badge by far so far

  • Blackpool best of a bad lot but didn't take much to any of them.

  • Wednesday's coy owl is one of the best badges in the 92. Art.

  • This is the correct owl. The current owl is an abomination.

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