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Battle of the Badges - Group G

Here are today's badges. FYI I am not ending votes after a day but just letting them all ride until no more votes are coming in.

Battle of the Badges - Group G Vote
  1. Who has the best badge in Group G?49 votes
    1. West Ham United
    2. Crewe Alexandra
    3. Liverpool
    4. Colchester United


  • Worst group yet. I had to go check if that weird black shape around Crewe's badge is officially part of the design, it's hideous, but still better than any of the others. Would have gone for Liverpool if they hadn't used a dodgy Photoshop "shine" plugin, but even then that hideous green hairdo on top is just too fussy.

  • It's got to be Liverpool

  • It is interesting how many clubs have made their badge worse over the years.

  • Remember when Leeds almost did THIS

  • I would have gone for West Ham were it not for the "London" on the bottom, which disproportionately annoys me.

    Don't actually mind the Essex apes' badge but it's impossible to vote for them.

    The Crewe one's just bland.

    So - Liverpool then!

  • Good job the Hammers don’t have Europe to contend with next season. An away tie sausage-side could have seen uncomfortable Roger Waters type questions being raised.

  • They might have Europe to contend with next season

  • edited May 2023

    Yep if they win next week they're in the Europa Cup next season

    Or league, whatever its called these days

  • West am although the ball-peen is my hammer of choice.

  • Liverpool for sure.

    Certainly not the abomination that is West Ham with the tacky 'London' at the bottom. Gives it the air of something bought off a beach front shop in Magaluf.

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