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Battle of the Badges - Group E

Here are today's badges.

Battle of the Badges - Group E Vote
  1. Who has the best badge in Group E?52 votes
    1. Leicester City
    2. Barnsley
    3. Reading
    4. Mansfield


  • Barnsley: dragon smoking a pipe >

  • Someone tell Leicester foxes aren't yellow

  • Don't love any of these really, the stylised cartoony working men on the Barnsley badge don't look great (and I did check out a bigger sized version of the badge to ensure I wasn't misrepresenting it), the fox on the Leics badge is too much of a caricature as well, and Reading's belongs to one of the dullest clubs in existence.

    Therefore, by a process of elimination: congratulations Mansfield.

  • I went Leicester, but it is a 'group of life' isn't it?

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