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"VERCO" On the back of the Wembly shirt

Does anyone know if this was a one off for the final or if it will be back next season


  • Hope so. Brings a bit more revenue in and nice to be sponsored by two local companies.

  • I believe Verco stopped sponsoring the shirt at a time they were having to lay people off. Hopefully for club, company and employees things have improved for them.

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    I think it was a one off, that was the impression I got from the advert for the space on twitter before the game (sorry I can't find the tweet). However the space has been free this season as the Fifa14 last year was probably part of the Samsung sponsorship deal so lets hope that its not a one off.

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    My man in the know with matters Wycombe furniture industry was a bit surprised that Verco had the money to stump up for an ad on the shirt. As Slaphead said, since their pomp they've cut a lot of the workforce in Sands and most likely can't afford the prominent sponsorship they gave to the club in the 90s.

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