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Battle of the Badges - Group C

We move on to our first group with no roundels.

Battle of the Badges - Group C Vote
  1. Which club has the BEST badge in Group C?55 votes
    1. Crystal Palace
    2. Notts County
    3. Tottenham Hotspur
    4. Carlisle United


  • Tough group. Apart from Spurs obviously which is all kinds of wrong.

  • I find Palace a very dull, nondescript club, but I think that badge is decent. I quite like the way that the Crystal Palace itself is kind of understated.

    I know that the ball in the Spurs logo is supposed to be an old-school football, but it just looks like a basketball to me.

  • I wonder what the odds would have been of badges with 1861 and 1862 on them in the same group? I love how Palace are sticking to their story of being the oldest professional club in the world.

  • I used to work with a palace fan who was truly the nicest man I ever knew so they get my vote, we’d have discussions about supporting unfashionable teams .

    They also have a strange rivalry with Brighton “Eagles sh*t on seagulls “ was his often said remark, “ah but a swan can break your arm” my reply.

  • Crystal Palace, 😍. I love it!

  • As an aside, on the train from Gatwick up to Farringdon today there were a bunch of German tourists and as we passed The New Den one of them was clearly telling the others it was Selhurt Park.

    I knew he was wrong - it looked nothing like my memory of Selhurt Park - but have had to refer to Google to find out the truth.

    They all seemed impressed at the time, but then one of them did take a photo looking out from Blackfriars Bridge so easily impressed I guess ...

  • Palace is a real sod to get to, but I really like it when there. Milwall is equally bad as a journey but hate the club/supporters, as such I wouldn’t ass water on them if they were on fire 🔥!🤷‍♂️

  • Forget the name of their old chairman who changed the eagle. Well done Palace for changing it back.

  • Of course if the eagle was to scale it would be like something out of a Japanese monster movie.

  • It's what Queen Victoria would have wanted @MorrisItal2

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