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Battle of the Badges - Elimination Result

I am calling this a little early, as the maths now works perfectly. We needed 26 badges eliminated, and based on the votes, I am taking all divisions together and culling anyone who received three votes or more, which comes to 22 clubs.

Bournemouth, Cheltenham and Salford are clearly regarded as the worst three badges - maybe clubs in red get a little cocky? Also leaving us are Fulham, Leeds, Birmingham, Millwall, Swansea, Cardiff, QPR, Wigan, Cambridge, Bolton, Burton, Derby, Fleetwood, Oxford, Portmouth, Walsall, Doncaster and Harrogate.

I did not use my four tiebreaker votes yet, so of the remaining teams, instead of voting off one for each division I am going to vote who I consider to be the worst four badges of those who scored two votes, to take us to 26:

Arsenal, Wolves, Luton, Rotherham, Watford, Peterborough, Crawley and Tranmere all received two votes. Of these, I am going to spare Wolves, as though a couple hated it, I know it has a lot of support as a good badge too. I am going to spare Luton simply because I personally like it, and Watford for being unusual. Finally, I am going to spare Tranmere, as theirs is more interesting to me than the remaining clubs.

Final four voted out by me: Arsenal, Rotherham, Peterborough and Crawley.

I am going to draw for the groups, with some very loose seeding (roughly two teams per group of four would not have received an elimination vote). Draw will be published sometime today, together with the daily vote for the first group out of the 16.


  • Thorough work there

  • Don't understand most of it but hey 😉

  • It's more exciting than a World Cup.

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