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Last day for the 15% discount on Season Tickets...

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Just bought mine, putting £50 on us going up COYB!


  • After taing £20 off my PNL work colleague for who finished higher,
    Ive upped the anti to a £50, and he has foolishly accepted the bet.
    So come next May, i will now be able to afford 3 drinks in the Bandito Arms !!

  • Sent in my 'early bird' form with payment details nearly a week back and despite a chaser email have heard nothing back. Did other people get email confirmation ?

  • I took my form down to the club some two weeks or so ago but I have had no email confirmation as yet.

  • a40a40
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    Relax. I'm sure it's a small admin team at Adams Park with lots of ticket applications and plenty of other things to do. It will happen. There's lots of time before the season starts and if a couple of weeks before it does you don't have your tickets give them a call. Enjoy the summer.

  • I requested email confirmation but never got it. I then emailed the general email address a second time, and Richard confirmed they had received my application.

  • Shame though as I would have thought the club could use the money and my payment still hasn't been taken. Not worrying at all a40. I am sure it will happen but leaving money on the table is not really good practice.

  • I am surprised they haven't taken the money. I must check to see if they have cashed my cheque. It could impact people's budgeting at home so fair call.

  • @kiscokid yes mate, same day

  • I emailed the form through. Phoned up a couple of days later to confirm they'd got it okay. No problem and they said they'll process it as soon as they get time. My phone call probably took as long as it takes to process a form so 1 of you can blame my impatience for the delay

  • @a40 I'm reasonably relaxed about it - however as @arnos_grove confirmed some people are getting same day confirmation. Also the payment plan was alleged to be spread over 3 months so I would have expected a payment in May? Who knows ... The form was atrocious with scant info.

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